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The Baltics in 2020. Frontline States and the Double Periphery

... evident in Estonia, where the ultra-right Conservative People’s Party of Estonia (EKRE) finished third in the 2019 parliamentary elections (winning 19 seats in the Riigikogu) and joined the coalition that denies the value of European integration for Estonia. This is the only case where the populist revolt in the Baltic states has led to visible changes in the political course of a country. However, these changes are mostly manifested in the new rhetoric of public officials who are EKRE members. In the other states of the region, voters cast their ballots for ...


The Forgotten Island. The Baltic countries will dearly for energy independence

... electrical and gas bonds with Russia. Infrastructure (transport, gas, electricity and so on) is the last sphere Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have failed to completely integrate into Europe over the past 25 post-Soviet years. REUTERS/Gerard Julien Nikolay Kaveshnikov: ... ... make their countries part of the EU “energy mainland.” At the end of the day the efforts of the leaders of the Baltic states to resolve the current situation are driven by political phobias. On the one hand the Baltic establishment is convinced ...


The Beneficiaries of the Ukrainian Crisis

... Department, in 2009, the republic suffered a global record low 18-percent GDP drop. In Lithuania this was 15 percent and in Estonia – 14 percent, with experts still unsure whether they have recovered from the debilitating blow. In 2014-2015, Latvia ... ... overshadowed by losses caused by sanctions (and in his June interview, mayor of Riga Nil Ushakov said that “Latvia and other Baltic states have been hit hardest by the crisis and sanctions war ”), the drop in eastbound exports, the commitments ...


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