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Turkey’s Military Intervention in Syria

In response to the terrorist attack carried out by Islamic State in the Turkish city of Gaziantep on August 20, 2016 and the shelling of the border town of Karkamış by militants, Turkey has announced the launch of Shield of the Euphrates operation, the aim of which is to destroy the militants’ bases in the Turkey–Syria border regions. On the first day of the operation on August 24, Turkish fighter jets and artillery liquidated more than 80 terrorist targets . Backed by Turkish troops...


Russia and Turkey: More Than a Rapprochement?

On August 9, 2016 a high level meeting between Presidents of Russia and Turkey took place in St. Petersburg. This crucially important summit was the first foreign visit made by Erdogan after the failed coup attempt in Turkey on July, 15. Historically speaking bilateral relations between Turkey and Russia have been shaped according to their respective relations, positive or negative, with the West. Today the situation is no different ...


Western Democracy Is on Trial, More than Any Time Since WWII

Sudden, shocking, disturbing, and largely self-propelled trends in America and Europe are doing more damage to Western democracy today than Soviet armies or nuclear missiles ever did during the Cold War By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @bfry1981), originally published March 17th, 2016, on LinkedIn Pulse Clockwise: Photo/Agencies, Cheryl Evans/The Republic, AP AMMAN — Roughly a quarter-century ago, the world seemed poised for a triumph of democracy and human rights unprecedented...


How predictable is Donald Trump in US-Russian relations?

... make these statements. Syria is not Bahrain or Yemen. The war in Syria is fraught with direct confrontation with Iran and Russia. I think the Saudis are not ready for a large-scale ground operation - either politically or technically. As for Turkey, Erdogan is not crazy either. He does not want to get involved into the war in Syria. It appears that Turkey is not planning large-scale operations in the Syrian territory. Interviewed by Nina Leontieva Source:


Russia Reaping What It Sows in Syria: Putin Puts Russia on Path to Peril & Destabilizing Middle East; Downing Russian Plane by Turkey Latest Result

In the wake of Turkey’s downing of a Russian military jet that violated its airspace and Russia’s resulting casualties, tensions are certainly on the rise. Despite the fact that these tensions should not be overblown, important questions about Putin’s aims need to be addressed. Yet in the end, the saddest thing is how avoidable this incident was and how easy it would be to improve this situation dramatically. By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @bfry1981), originally...


From Electorate to Caliphate

The Evolution of Spin in Turkey’s Justice and Development Party Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) won a shock victory in the country’s snap election held on November 1, 2015, receiving 49 per cent of the votes. Given the Party’s performance in the June election, where it picked up a modest 40 per cent of votes, analysts were not predicting anything special for the AKP. Party officials were equally shocked by the result. The secret to the Party’s success lies...


Where Turkey is Heading?

Interview with Dr. Mustafa Acar, Rector and professor of Aksaray University Interview Since Erdogan’s Justice and Development (AK) party took office in late 2002 Turkey became more prosperous and politically mobilized. Turkey is not a full-fledged democracy yet but its government does change through the ballot box and it is definitely ...


Taksim Is Not Tahrir

Interview with Ambassador Pyotr Stegny Interview Well-known Russian scholar and diplomat Pyotr Stegny , a RIAC member, speaks on current events in Turkey. He regards the confrontation between the government and protesters as the conflict between Erdogan's ruling style and the pluralistic and democratic Turkish political culture. "The situation is rather similar to the recent marches in New York City. Occupy Wall Street is an inter-democratic type of conflict." Q: Good morning, Mr. Stegnyi....


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