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Prospects for Russian-Chinese Cooperation in Central Asia

... initiative. The Working Paper covers the economic interests and presence of Russia and China in the region, and compares their resources for ensuring security. Special attention is paid to the possible cooperation between the two powers in tying together the EEU and the SREB. The authors suggest several promising formats and areas which are in the best interests of both Russia and China, and, first and foremost, in the best interests of the Central Asian states themselves. Prospects for Russian-Chinese Cooperation in Central Asia , 1,7 Mb


Talatbek Masadykov: The Negative Processes in Afghanistan Could Destabilize Central Asia

... are themselves in need of economic, financial, military- political and military-technical aid. That is why Central Asian states can only be a positive force politically. All the countries concerned should approach the common problem of terrorism in Central Asia, as well as and in Afghanistan and Pakistan, very seriously, yet without interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. How real is the threat posed by Afghanistan for the EEU, given the fact that the borders with Kyrgyzstan are now open? The threat is very real. Some believe that Russia exaggerates this threat, because it is trying to strengthen its presence in the region and pull the Central Asian states back under its ...


Security in Eurasia: Internal and External Threats

... societies) Demographic boom combined with the leadership’s policy of ousting economically active population (in a number of Central Asian states). Failure to adequately respond to these challenges will mean for a number of states in the region their ... ... create fertile ground for the spread of radical Islam. Failure to demonstrate an essential economic success achieved within the EEU framework is fraught with the Union’s substantial reputational loss. International Conference “Topical Security ...


RIAC at 3rd Huaihai Forum

... certain constraints and requires a significant effort, first and foremost, in ensuring security in Central Eurasia. No development is possible without security guarantees. Therefore, preventing chaos and Islamization as well as preserving statehood in Central Asia, the most vulnerable region of the EEU space, is one of the most urgent priorities. Due to the terrorist attacks in Paris and increased safety requirements in the Russian Federation, the country is faced with a fundamental dilemma of maintaining the integration momentum within the EEU ...


Tajik Experts Worried by Imbalances in Eurasian Economic Union

... EEU and Customs Union. Tajikistan sees the main problem as being the imbalance between the EEU current and potential members, with the unification process hinging totally on Moscow and partially on Astana. 3. What kind of impact could establishing the EEU have on relations between Central Asian republics, other countries and international organizations? SO : On the one hand, by entering the EEU, Tajikistan may face some issues with its WTO membership. By joining the World Trade Organization in 2012, Tajikistan made a number of ...


Kazakh Experts on the Eurasian Economic Union: Aligned Competition or Aligned Stagnation?

... construction there. Tashkent has to negotiate with Moscow on solving its neighbor-related problems. The resumption of Uzbek gas deliveries to southern Kyrgyzstan proves that Moscow is in fact advocating the EEU states’ interests. How could the EEU affect Central Asia’s relations with other countries and international organizations? Andrey Chebotaryov : The EEU largely reflects Russia’s geopolitical interests. Hence, Central Asian states may become involved in competition between Russia and ...


Kyrgyzstan Experts’ Polemic: “Kyrgyzstan and the EEU: Better In than Out”

... regional integration inside Central Asia. Sub-regionalism is needed to solve the problems of Central Asia, and there are many of them. They continue to include the issues connected to borders, limited water resources, and cross-border trade. But the EEU makes Central Asian integration ipso facto impossible. On the other hand perhaps, this is the objective reality, since the countries of the region have failed to construct Central Asia as a single region. The EEU brings the republics of the region closer to ...


Consequences of the Ukrainian Crisis for Central Asia: Shock and Awe

... and domestic conditions, but, obviously, the crisis will have a significant impact on the perception of Russia’s role in its nearest neighborhood. In this regard, it is important to understand the effects produced by the Ukrainian crisis on the Central Asian states, which are considered not only as an integral sphere of Russian influence, but also as the main platform for implementing the Eurasian integration project. Despite the fact that information in Central Asian states is essentially closed ...


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