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Yemen: Federalization as an Alternative to War

... “Zero-Sum Game” is Over While the Arab coalition is facing internal problems in the South, its Ansar Allah opponents (Houthis) have taken the opportunity to put additional pressure on their main adversary, Saudi Arabia. On September 14, with the help of drones and missiles, they delivered a strike against two large oil processing facilities in Saudi Arabia, which forced Riyadh to cut oil production by more than half – 5.7 million barrels per day fewer than the usual 9.8 million barrels. Despite the ...


Attack on Saudi Arabia: What Next?

... with Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait is not accidental; ever since 1990, there has been no sharper price jump and no greater physical damage to oil facilities. However, unlike the full-scale military operation back then, this operation involved drones carrying cruise missiles, which did not require the attackers to be physically present at the territory under attack. Repeat attacks and growing tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran put a question mark over the future of Middle Eastern exports,...


Game of Drones: Rules Unclear

The practice of targeted killing is not losing its popularity and drones proliferation and modernization is happening at high pace, but what is the legal framework of this? At the beginning of its era, the practice of targeted killing lacked the necessary legal framework. However, after the U.S. joined the game after ...


Close Encounters of the Third Millennium

... Asia and elsewhere, since border control is one of the most promising areas for the use of unmanned vehicles (both airborne and underwater). In particular, autonomous patrolling of land borders is actively being developed by the European Union. Even drones that are not armed with lethal weapons can cause a conflict if control over them is lost and they inadvertently cross the border into another state. They could also collide with the autonomous vehicles of another state. Additionally, it is not ...


Remote Weapons Come of Age

The implications of advanced technologies for subversive activity During a military-related event on 4 August, 2018 Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro came close to being assassinated by a pair of drones. While Maduro escaped unscathed, the attack did injure seven soldiers. Various media outlets noted that this was the first known drone assassination attempt on a president. This development was, however, long in the offing. The type of drone used ...


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