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Twelve Steps Toward Greater Security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic Region

Statement by the Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group (EASLG) Statement by the Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group (EASLG) [ 1 ] The conflict in and around Ukraine is a tragedy for all affected by the violence. It is a flashpoint for catastrophic miscalculation and is a continuing threat to security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region. A political resolution is fundamental to ending the armed conflict in the Donbas region, to improving prospects for constructive Ukraine-Russia dialogue...


Ukraine: Geopolitical View of the Interested International Actors

... live in the East and South of the country are automatically excluded from this nation criteria. The nationalizing states usually became the sphere of interest of quasi-empires. Society without a State After 2014 we also can see the marginal area of Donbasss, on which some unique social and political processes are developing, described by James Scott 6 . These societies try to escape hierarchy of any kind. Based on cultural flexibility, pragmatism and self-reliance of autonomous communities. Once ...


How to Make Peace in Ukraine Five Years After Minsk II

We need humanity, creativity and efficiency for Europe 3.0. South Tyrol Case for Donbass Five years ago, in February 2015, the first steps towards a vision for peace in Ukraine were taken with the Minsk II agreement. Five years is a long time not only in human life, but also in European history: World War I only lasted four years,...


Russia-Ukraine Relations 2020: Equation With Many Variables. A View from Russia

... different tracks and pace of development. That is why the attitude towards them should be different, and Europe as well as Russia take it into account. There is no universal politics towards the post soviet countries anymore. The Russian role in the Donbass conflict — mediator or a part Viktor Mironenko, Aleksandr Gushchin, Aleksandr Levchenkov: How Ukraine Will Change After Zelensky’s Victory Recently we have seen several important steps from all the sides towards the conflict regulation. The ...


Why the United States Should Not Be Arming Ukraine

If the United States wants to be a force for good and advocate for democracy, then it has several avenues to do so A week and a half ago, the American news cycle exploded into a state of pandemonium as the White House made public a transcript-like memorandum of President Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. The call itself had already been the subject of intrigue thanks to a whistleblower complaint originating from within the intelligence community; however, House Democrats...


Onslaught of French Diplomacy

... its policy on Russia and Iran. Andrey Kortunov: Will Putin and Macron Open a New Political Season? However, the active approach of French diplomacy cannot influence progress in implementing the Minsk Agreements. The keys to resolving the conflict in Donbass are primarily held by Kiev and Moscow. That said, Macron was the first European leader to feel a change in the nature of Russian-Ukrainian relations and to try to use this new trend. The change of power in Kiev opened a narrow window of opportunity ...


How Ukraine Will Change After Zelensky’s Victory

... electoral campaign, V. Zelensky himself repeatedly failed to demonstrate a fundamental agenda for developing relations with Russia. Many of his statements are contradictory. For instance, on the one hand, he spoke about his desire to stop the bloodshed in Donbass, restore the infrastructure destroyed during his predecessor’s tenure and hold talks with the Russian president. On the other hand, the new leader said he would refuse to grant special status to the uncontrolled territories and that granting ...


Russia and Ukraine: Four Scenarios for the Future

... forward. Ukraine, however, did not become a “failed state,” did not declare a default on its foreign debt, and did not abandon its course for a liberal market economy. The Minsk agreements are, for the most part, not being implemented. People in Donbass continue to die, but there is no major military escalation in the east of Ukraine: the Donbass militia did not attempt to take Mariupol, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not start a large-scale offensive against Donetsk. Moscow and Kiev trade ...


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