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Sanctions Against Russia: DASKA Takes Heat from State Department Lawyers

The big question is whether congresspeople should spend their political capital on promoting a bill that needs so many amendments at a time when Russia as a topic for discussion has lost much of its former appeal The DASKA (Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act) bill has once again come under scrutiny. It was approved by the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. In theory, the sanctions bill “from hell” could be effectively enacted in the future. In reality, there are a number...


Sherman Amendment: Tilting at Windmills?

... sanctions was the determination by the Director of National Intelligence that Russia had interfered in the US elections. Therefore, sanctions were supposed to be a response to interference and not a preventive measure. However, as was the case with the DASKAA, debt restrictions were included in a long list of much stricter measures, ranging from blocking Russian government assets to restrictions against major Russian banks and energy companies. An important component of DETER was the condition for lifting ...


The Decisive Role of Brussels? EU Anti-Russia Sanctions Scenarios

... broad coalition.[ 2 ] Consolidating a sanctions coalition is of particular importance under the present circumstances, given that Russia has been rather successful in adapting to sanctions and generally managed to reduce their sting. Ivan Timofeev: DASKAA and the New Anti-Russia Sanctions: Does the US Want Self-Isolation? The requirement of close coordination with allies and partners is a long-standing tradition of US laws on sanctions. For example, efforts to bring pressure to bear on Iran were ...


DASKAA and the New Anti-Russia Sanctions: Does the US Want Self-Isolation?

... aggressor and adversary not unlike the DPRK, Syria and even ISIS. Russian political leaders are the embodiment of evil and existential threat to the “free world.” the title of the new US bill — Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act (DASKAA) — speaks for itself. The new initiative mostly amplifies and supplements the existing law, PL 115-44 (CAATSA). But the new line of attack is specific in its own way. RIAC Report “ The Sanctions Against Russia: Escalation Scenarios and Countermeasures ...


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