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The Future of the Middle East: Horizons of Challenges and Opportunities

... two generations. At the same time, however, against the background of a generally unfavorable picture in the MENA region, there are some real success stories that deserve special attention. 1. Scarce Natural Resources: Water, Food and the Effects of Climate Change By 2025, environmental degradation in the region, coupled with demographic growth (to well above 500 million people in the region) will lead to a serious deterioration in the quality of life, which, in turn, will have major political, ...


The EU Strategy for the Arctic: an Integrated Approach 2016

... and programs. Besides, one of the key ideas pointed out in the EU program documents on the Arctic is that climatic and ecological developments in Europe and Arctic are interconnected. There are three priority spheres proposed in the Strategy: “Climate Change and Safeguarding the Arctic Environment”, “Sustainable Development in and around the Arctic” and “International Cooperation on Arctic Issues”. There are three areas the EU is going to develop in the sphere ...


Nuclear Waste Storage and Climate Change: What should we expect?

Nuclear power is an energy source that could help to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the scale of climate change by replacing carbon intensive coal and gas-fired power stations. However, with the production of nuclear energy comes the production of nuclear waste. The waste is produced by a wide variety of processes and can be stored in many different ...


Carbon trading: saving the environment by monetising it?

... conditions, and hitherto unheard-of high temperatures in that part of the earth's surface.'' The story ran in the Monthly Weather Review... in November 1922. Since those days we learnt a lot about the environment, started using the term anthropogenic climate change, and increased the total measured yearly CO2 emission s tenfold – from 3100 Mt to 32,000 Mt. Carbon dioxide and global warming The scientific community has walked its own climate change road: from disbelief and scepticism to heated ...


Should Russia do more about climate change?

... future, diplomats were sharpening their pencils before two weeks of intense negotiations, lobbyists were making last minute calls. However, the atmosphere in Russia was different: though President Putin in his short speech stressed the economic cost of climate change and applauded Russia's progress, one could not shake off the impression that his population simply did not know or care enough about the issue. Russia and climate change: nothing to do with me approach Russia is the fifth largest ...


Climate agenda 2030

COP 21 Results. Countries' Commitments Overview COP 21 Results. Countries' Commitments Overview Project page:


Green Revolution needed

Stage lights have been switched off, the treaty has been signed and the last delegation has just left Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. The agreement has been called historical. And now it’s time to wonder: what’s next? Whether governments will be willing to commit on this treaty or not, it will be clear in a few years. And now what? According to the Financial Times, for instance, the British government doesn’t seem too concerned about the climate deal. Since this agreement has...


COP21, we got a Deal!

... to assist developing country Parties with respect to both mitigation and adaptation.” This means that on one side, developed countries have some sort of obligations toward “those that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change and have significant capacity constraints, such as the least developed countries and small island developing States.” However, that word shall also implies that richer countries don’t really have to contribute to these projects ...


A weekend in Paris. What's been going on in the past days at the COP21

... countries after 2020. According to India’s prime minister Narendra Modi, however, this sum is not going to be enough. Meanwhile at this link it’s possible to find an infographic that explains who has pledged how much, in the past year, for climate change and cutting carbon emissions. Not only countries and Multilateral Development Banks have promised money though. A billionaires’ alliance, led by Microsoft’s Bill Gates and composed, among others by Facebook’s founder Mark ...


How much does the world relies on renewable energies today? And India?

On November 30th, Narendra Modi, Indian prime minister and François Hollande, president of France, launched together the “International Solar Alliance”. With the aim of providing developing countries with the technology for exploiting solar energy, Modi is heading an alliance of over 120 countries, situated in between the two tropics. But how much does the world relies on renewable energies today? And India? Why is Modi so interested in becoming the promoter of this international...


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