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R6 — the Case for a New Global Currency Basket

... the mirror are closer than they appear.” In other words, China may also be a subject to sanctions at one point partially or fully. Tristan Kenderdine: US–Iran Conflict Would Strengthen China’s Position in the Middle East China, Russia, India, Brazil, and South Africa are the founding members of the New Development Bank . NDB’s 2017–2021 general strategy clearly highlights the bank’s commitment and intention to be new in three areas: 1) new relationships; 2) new projects and instruments; ...


India and Latin America: When a Rising Power and an Emergent Growth Pole Engage

... signature moment, to get reduced to New Delhi’s moral hectoring and sense of taboo, over the apparent dearth of democratization across Latin America. It fell to Dr. Manmohan Singh, to break the yawning inexplicable hiatus in sojourns when he traveled to Brazil for the BRICS Summit in 2006. While Indian Presidents have frequented the region over the past decade, covering a wide gamut of countries including those lack incandescence across Central and South America, quintessentially reciprocating the steady ...


BRICS FM Meeting in Brazil: Priorities Reloaded

On July 26th a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of BRICS countries is set to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The meetings at the level of the heads of Foreign Ministries is held twice per year with the approaching meeting set to be focused on the preparation for the 11th BRICS Summit to be held in Brasilia in November 2019. While no major breakthroughs ...


Russian Companies Breaking Into the Brazilian IT Market

Kaspersky Lab’s contract with the Brazilian armed forces will play the part of the proverbial canary in a coal mine: it will be indicative of the new Brazilian administration’s attitude towards Russian IT businesses going forward Following the inauguration of Brazilian President Jair ...


EAEU, MERCOSUR and Integration

... growing digitization of global trade that now involves millions of customers make this issue a priority. Vectors of Collaboration between the Leading Countries in the EAEU and MERCOSUR The research activities of individual MERCOSUR countries, for example Brazil (the organization’s economic leader), creates opportunities for implementing joint investment projects (for instance, in the mining industry). “Joint manufacturing of machine tools in Russia is another promising cooperation project that in ...


Three Horizons of Brazil–Russia Relations

Development Prospects of Russia-Brazil Relations under Bolsonaro Em português Almost a month has passed since the inauguration of the new President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro. He and his team are not new to Brazil’s national politics; during their careers, they have made quite a ...


Can Trump Playbook Help Bolsonaro Make Brazil Great?

UPDATE 27 JAN 2019   In an exclusive Davos interview, Brazil's new leader Jair Bolsonaro tells celebrity editor Lally Weymouth of the Washington Post that he wants to "make Brazil great again",  why is a big fan of Donald Trump, and waffles when responding to questions about his views on LGBT ...


BRICS Summit: A Blessing in Disguise

... measures and steps to boost such contacts, but it also contains information that seems to be unrelated to this segment, such as the World Health Organization’s Global Ministerial Conference on Ending Tuberculosis held in Moscow, the World Water Forum in Brazil, the Vaccine Research and Development Center and matters related to outer space – that is, everything that was not listed in the previous sections. Does this speak to the lower priority the five leaders give to this aspect of cooperation? Or ...


Is China still the "big dog" in Brazil and Latin America?

UPDATE 4 JAN 2019   Regardless of how much US secretary of state Pompeo urged Brazil to walk back its relationship with China during his recent visit to attend the inauguration of president Jair Bolsonaro, the official Brazil government news agency reports that a recent study by conservative Getulio Vargas Institute (GVI) indicates ...


Struggle to control Brazil's Congress stays ugly

UPDATE 9 DEC  With incoming president Bolsonaro lacking firm leadership in Brazil's lower house, Exame and other sources report an escalation in the feud between the Bolsonaro family and the powerful transgenerational political clan, the Maia family. Rodrigo Maia, scion of the clan, is president of the lower house and unwilling ...


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