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The Russian Air Force: Active Effectiveness

On 15 January 2016 RBC published a commentary by Pavel Baev , a professor at the Peace Research Institute Oslo, entitled “The Illusion of Effectiveness: Where is the Russian Air Force Heading?” in which he takes a very critical view of the resources and strategy of the Russian air force. Ilya Kramnik , Head of Defense and Security Desk at and RIAC expert, has responded to the commentary. Since the middle of 2014 the political emphasis on demonstrating air power has reached...


China’s Air Force: from Shield to Sword

... and is now approaching a decisive point which will be vitally important for China’s future potential to project its power far beyond its borders. The People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) of today traces its history back to the small aviation units of the Red Army in the period 1930–40 [1] . The communist forces made very limited use of aircraft in the civil war and the fight against the Japanese aggressors, since most of the trained personnel and equipment was controlled by ...


Riding on the Storm: the New British Defense Strategy

... British strike brigade will rely on plentiful reconnaissance assets and heavily equipped infantry. Besides, it seems to be fit only for an asymmetric war, while Colonel Macgregor's concept is intended for use against the Russian army. Royal Air Force Aviation is the favorite Western armed service, although after the SDSR 2010, the British Air Force has definitely been in dire straits with quite gloomy prospects. A key issue of the SDSR 2015 is found in the level of cuts to be made for deliveries of ...


US Awards Contract for New Bomber

... “innocent” enough questions from journalists about which company would produce the engines and whether a military index for the B-3 had been adopted, what the expert community is calling the project. U.S. Air Force / Ben Bloker Alexander Yermakov: Strategic Aviation En Route to Updating Naturally, the publication of any pictures of the LRS-B is out of the question. The Northrop B-2 Spirit was first publicly displayed almost seven years after the contract award (and one year before the first public flight) ...


The Bear, the Swan and the Crouching Dragon

Russian and Chinese Strategic Aviation about to be Updated Russian and Chinese Strategic Aviation about to be Updated (Part I. US Strategic Aviation about to be Updated. Democracy delivered worldwide ) Russia is the only country in the world (with the exception of the USA) to ...


Strategic Aviation En Route to Updating

... carrier-based long-range bombers. Both countries engaged in the development of heavy hydroplanes – nuclear bombers. The supersonic B-58 Hustler was retired in January 1970 Rocket and missile engineering dealt a heavy blow to strategic aviation. It appeared that the emergence of intercontinental ballistic missiles made bombers no longer necessary. Contrary to popular belief, Khrushchev was not the only one to be “obsessed with missiles.” The emphasis on missile technology ...


Military Aviation 100 Years from Now

Military aviation, unlike conventional arms — one of the oldest means of destroying an enemy’s bases, weaponry, military equipment and manpower — is a relatively new method of warfare. It was developed in the early 20th century, reaching its ...


Close Contact of the Second Level

... reconnaissance plane was flying with its transponder turned off. The transponder is a radio transmitter that broadcasts the aircraft call signs and its flight parameters in response to a secondary radar signal – a method on which all modern civil aviation traffic control is based. This is spiced up by the fact that the western countries regularly accuse the Russian air force of reconnaissance aircraft flying with their transponders turned off. RC-135U Combat ...


The Third Crusade

... Its exact composition was not publicized, but it certainly comprised several dozen planes. The signs are that there is no movement of really large forces at least remotely comparable in size to those committed in 1991 and 2003. There were no strategic aviation raids from U.S. territory (a small number of B-1B Lancer bombers that are taking part in the operation are launching their attacks from Qatar, where they have been based for a long time for actions in Afghanistan). In the Persian Gulf, there ...


Cold Peace in European Skies

... Perspectives While the threat of escalation following an unfortunate scenario for these three incidents appears rather far-fetched, the 11 serious incidents with escalation risks are even more fanciful. Most of them are related to different kinds of Russian aviation activities. In four cases Russian fighters intercepted and escorted American and Swedish reconnaissance planes, twice they flew around battleships in the Black Sea, and three training flights of bombers were recognized as mock bombing raid missions ...


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