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The Astana Model: Methods and Ambitions of Russian Political Action

... it became popular to argue that the US Defense Department had managed to overrule the State Department, with the hawkish views of the former’s Secretary Ash Carter prevailing over the more moderate positions of the latter’s Secretary Kerry. The Astana Process It seems that this bitter experience led Russia to seriously reassess the approach to Syria and to the region at large. After the failure to create a US-Russian alliance, the Kremlin focused its energy and diplomatic skills on building ...


The Syrian Congress in Sochi: Too Much Too Soon

... certainly bad news for Russia that bet its prestige on the success of the Sochi Congress. The unintended consequence of opposition’s low-key representation at the Sochi Congress is arguably a blow to Russia’s position as a chief negotiator on Syria. The Astana process that propelled Moscow to the title of a leading mediator on military issues and showcased its ability to engage armed opposition and the government in diplomatic talks may have also led Russia to believe that it can equally as easily spearhead ...


War of Interests for Peace in Syria

... in Geneva. A demonstration of Moscow’s trustworthiness as a mediator in a complicated process involving parties with diverging interests. Winning points in talks with western partners and instilling a sense of certainty in their comrades-in-arms in Astana process. Are these not better descriptions of the summit, especially when seen through the eyes of other parties of the Astana “trio”? Andrey Kortunov: From Astana to Geneva with a Stop in Sochi? Back to Geneva The joint statement of Iran,...


The “Southern Deal” Between Moscow and Washington: A Duel of Diplomacies

... American-aligned Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and groups of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in As-Suweyda and the Syrian Desert, as well as pro-Jordanian factions on the Southern Front, which refused to send their delegations to the fifth round of the Astana process. This achievement could potentially help preserve Syria's territorial integrity and include in the peace process all Syrian forces that are inclined to engage with other states diplomatically, and the territories they control, without any ...


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