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Expert Meeting with Microsoft Vice President Steve Crown

On October 29, 2019, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) hosted a lecture on “Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights” by Steve Crown, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft Corporation. The event was attended by leading Russian experts on this topic. On October 29, 2019, Russian International Affairs Council ...


Impact of New Technologies on International Relations Discussed in Beijing

... analytical center. During the seminar, Nikolay Markotkin, RIAC Media and Government Relations Manager, gave a lecture on the impact of AI technologies on the world economy and international security. In particular, his report focused on the risks of using artificial intelligence to modernize strategic weapons. The lecture was followed by a discussion on the same theme.


"Sociality and Digitalization: the Boundaries of Autonomy" Scientific Workshop

... State Technical University, BMSTU, held a scientific workshop on "Sociality and Digitalization: Boundaries of Autonomy”. The event was organized by BMSTU together with Business Competence Development Center. The key topics for discussion included artificial intelligence, big data and digitalization of all spheres of public life, “new sociality” and prospects for digitization of social space in connection with the adoption of the 2017–2030 Strategy for the Development of an Information Society ...


Emerging Military Technologies: Talking Points

... outcomes and work back. Prioritise international early wins: the universal application of international law to new military technologies; closing off emerging technology danger areas (ideally, both Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS) and military Artificial Intelligence); tackling linkages to existing problems (the crisis of arms control; the pollution of outer space; erosion of the 20th century nuclear order) New paradigms for arms control. This need is real and urgent. Progress is thin. States,...


RIAC Hosts Discussion of Model Convention on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

... expert community by the authors: Andrey Neznamov, Director of "Robopravo" Research Center, and Victor Naumov, Partner at Dentons multinational law firm. On May 20, 2019, RIAC held a discussion of the draft Model Convention on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The document was presented to the expert community by the authors: Andrey Neznamov, Director of "Robopravo" Research Center, and Victor Naumov, Partner at Dentons multinational law firm. As emphasized by the developers,...


Artificial Intelligence and Nuclear Weapons

Artificial intelligence in military affairs Earlier this year, the author had an opportunity to participate in a workshop held under the auspices of SIPRI and the Pathfinder Foundation concerning the introduction of machine learning and autonomy in ...


Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Threats for Russia

... that it will be relegated to the status of an outsider country in the AI race, supplementing the export of crude oil with that of raw data and leaving the advanced technological processes and added value to more developed economies Does Russia Need Artificial Intelligence? Discussions about artificial intelligence (AI) are all over the place right now – even on TV and in glossy magazines. But this has happened more than once in the past, and every time the interest in and enthusiasm for AI technologies ...


RAI. Remotely Accessible Intelligence

... and remade. This is a version of ontological politics. (…) Big and painful changes, for sure, which will lead to a world of less certainty. But a world in which the politics of ontology is no longer practiced by stealth. John Law , After Method The artificial intelligence problem has firmly settled itself on the global policy horizon after Henry Kissinger's statement of May 2018. However, as I join the discussion, it is hard to rid oneself of the feeling that the problem itself is false—because ...


International and Social Impacts of Artificial Intelligence Technologies

... relations and society. The authors also examine the ethical and legal aspects of the use of AI technologies. The present Working Paper of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) includes analytical materials prepared by experts in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomous system, as well as by lawyers and sociologists. The materials presented here are intended to contribute to the public dialogue on issues of artificial intelligence and the possible consequences ...


Artificial Intelligence: A Blessing or a Threat for Humanity?

... conferences on AI-related topics: human-level AI , artificial general intelligence , biologically inspired cognitive architectures , and neural-symbolic integration technology . Reports were presented by prominent experts representing global leaders in artificial intelligence: Microsoft, Facebook, DARPA, MIT and Good AI. The reports described the current status of AI developments, identified the problems facing society that have yet to be resolved, and highlighted the threats arising from the further ...


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