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EAEU, MERCOSUR and Integration

EAEU and MERCOSUR: Opportunities for Transcontinental Cooperation The transformation of international trade has significantly picked up pace as of late. Sanctions and protectionism (and its rather aggressive variant used by the United States) prompt states to create alternative institutions and integration alliances based on the principles of liberalism, equality and openness. Acting together is the only way for states to withstand such a disturbance of the balance in the global trade system and...


Meeting with Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to Russia Ricardo Lagorio

... 21, 2018, Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, had a meeting with Ricardo Lagorio, Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to Russia. The following issues were touched upon in the course of the meeting: the development of relations between Russia and Argentina, problems of global governance, and international food security. Russian International Affairs Council and Argentine Council for International Relations ( Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales — CARI ) agreed to enhance their ...


G20 Summit: Looking for Compromise

... day. However, economic and financial issues remain significant for G20 discussions. The summit is also important for the expert and political communities of various countries that assess the prospects of inter-country interactions. Apparently, at the Argentina summit, the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin attracted the greatest interest, but it never happened, since the U.S. President cancelled it at the eleventh hour, which certainly demonstrates the growing tensions in U.S.–Russia ...


El Comercio names the senior Peruvian politicians involved in big Odebrecht scandal

...                      *          *          *A telling sign of the identity crisis among the region's body politic is the fact that in October, 2017 former U.S. president and Nobel Laureate Barack Obama chose wealthy audiences in Argentina and Brazil to test out his new "yes you can" image. Obama's "Yes you can" emphasizes the power of wealth gained via individual achievement, spurning government managed "populist"policies that he pushed during his ...


Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to Russia Ricardo Lagorio Comes to RIAC

On July 18, Ricardo Lagorio, Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to Russia visited Russian International Affairs Council On July 18, Ricardo Lagorio, Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to Russia visited Russian International Affairs Council. The Argentine diplomat got to know about RIAC’s activity, its key priorities, latest publications, and other informational resources of the Council. The participants of the meeting exchanges their opinions on the opportunities for further development of...


Between Promising and Performing: Labor in Argentina

Argentina's recently elected Presdient Mauricio Macri has chosen a course of austerity in an attempt to recover the country’s crisis-stricken economy. Labor unions are protesting against budget spending cuts that are affecting the domestic environment....


Argentina Turns to the Right

... policy and relatively empty political discourse, but compelling enough to get the peoples’ vote. The ruling party’s candidate accused Macri of representing the hedge funds that are now the bane of the country, wanting to make adjustments to Argentina’s fiscal policy that would hurt workers, and being a candidate of the rich and powerful. But none of this prevented Macri and the centre-right party from emerging victorious. Under the advice of the Ecuadorian Jaime Durán Barba,...


BRICS- Why is Brazil's Lula helping Argentina crash the party?

At the 2014 BRICS summit in Brasília, which was attended by Russian president Vladimir Putin, there was a lot of buzz in the Brazilian media that Argentina was next in line to join the organization. None of it was directly attributed to president Dilma Rousseff. Dilma, still in her first term leading the nation as the hand-picked successor of former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, invited ...


The Obsolete Legacy of Antarctica

..., Bouvet Island and adjacent territories (Bouvet Sector), and in 1939 – over Queen Maud Land between longitudes 20°W and 44°E. Chile that in 1940 announced the establishment of Chilean Antarctica between longitude 53° and 90°W. Argentina that in 1943 proclaimed Argentinean Antarctica between longitudes 25°W and 74°W. In 1939, the United States set up its Antarctic Service, which in 1939-1941 surveyed Edward VII Land, despite protests from Great Britain and New Zealand....


Battle for the Andes

Russia and China on the Latin American Arms Market Argentina: Fighting on the Outskirts The fledgling military-technical cooperation between Russia and Argentina was the subject of a recent article . The only recent contracts between the two parties are the delivery of two helicopters. The Armed Forces ...


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