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Five Challenges for Modern Public Diplomacy and How to Tackle Them

... in the International Game On July 26, the head of the Russian Humanitarian Mission, a nonprofit charity that helps war and conflict victims, Evgeny Primakov, was detained in the Kiev airport . He planned to participate in the OSCE’s conference on media freedoms in the West. He had his passport taken away by the airport security, being accused of posing a threat to Ukraine’s national security. He will not be able to travel to this country for five years. At the conference, Primakov planned to highlight a problem of ...


Make Facts Great Again: Is it Possible to Withstand Fake News?

... “ Comment is free, but facts are sacred ”, entertainment is free, but news are sacred. Ironically, today audience fails to even separate opinions from news sometimes, which yet highlights the scale of the problem. Ivan Timofeev: Russia and the West: An Information War? Finally and most importantly, diligent fact-checking and fostering media literacy in universities and schools could be helpful to alleviate the problem of fake news. Creating different media resources and journalism exchange programs to withstand fakes news is one of the ways to deal with the challenge. For example,...


Francis Fukuyama: We Need a Common Threat

... That might be sufficient to break the cycle. Yet we did have a crisis in 2008 and it wasn’t big enough, it really didn’t solve the problem. I think the next one has got to be even bigger, unfortunately. You also said that internet is the ‘wild west’ for social media with everybody using it to their advantage. It seems to be relevant for the Western world — Russia included — do you think that the developing countries are going to step in this direction as well? I think that there’s really not that much ...


Russia and the West: An Information War?

... impact on real politics. The “Russian threat” is likely to remain a consolidating force for Ukraine, Georgia and many other countries in Central and Eastern Europe for years to come. And Russia will continue to view them as marionettes of a certain Western “core” or “center” where anti-Russian conspiracies originate. All this is ensuring more votes for politicians and larger audiences with higher ratings for the media. By the way, another paradox of the current interaction on the informational front is that it is capitalist by nature. Even state-owned media are motivated not so much by political orders or directives coming from above, as they are by the eagerness ...


How Propaganda Re-shapes the Information Space for Russia, the West

... practice, it leads to a situation, where Western experts are talking about the cynicism, the danger and the aggressiveness of the Kremlin’s propaganda, while their Russian counterparts seem to be obsessed with what they call counterbalancing “the Western hegemony” in the media landscape, as indicated by discussions at the 2015 ASEEES Convention and the conference dedicated to RT’s 10 th anniversary. Moscow-based political analyst Mikhail Troitskiy argues that any media buzz about counter-propaganda “tries to justify ...


New Aspects of the Ukraine Crisis: Civil Society

... way from resolution, and are starting to affect the areas of relations intended to maintain contact and help break political deadlock. What kind of future is in store for expert-level dialogue, educational exchanges and interaction between Russian and Western media? Expert Dialogue Almost in Tatters The trilateral report " Managing Differences in European Security in 2015: US, Russian, and European Perspectives " prepared jointly by the Atlantic Council of the United States, the European Leadership ...


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