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Are US Sanctions Against Venezuela a Regime Change Precursor?

Four years under pressure The attempt to change the government in Venezuela and the unequivocal support of the opposition from the United States can hardly be considered a spontaneous phenomenon. For Washington, Nicholas Maduro has been a hostile figure from the very beginning of his rule in 2013. Economic sanctions ...


Remote Weapons Come of Age

The implications of advanced technologies for subversive activity During a military-related event on 4 August, 2018 Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro came close to being assassinated by a pair of drones. While Maduro escaped unscathed, the attack did injure seven soldiers. Various media outlets noted that this was the first known drone assassination attempt on ...


El Comercio names the senior Peruvian politicians involved in big Odebrecht scandal

... conclusions.UPDATE  17 DEC  Multiple sources have reported that the US-friendly "Group of Lima" which includes Peru, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and St. Lucia may break off relations with Venezuela due to its authoritarian government, disrespect for democratic values, and its poor record on human rights, among other things. Venezuela's foreign minister has responded to the move with anger, accusing the "Group of Lima" of behaving ...


JVLV: To Potus and Marco; New Policies on Cuba Must Include Regime Change in Venezuela

While preparing changes in our Cuban policies, you must include changes in our policies vis-a-vis pro-Castro Caracas in Venezuela. The Maduro regime is supported by both Cuba and Iran. We must not allow Tehran's mullahs to continue getting uranium from Venezuela! And we must insist on free elections. Many democrats are dying in Venezuela— a country in our strategic backyard....


Much Cry and Little Wool

On January 9, Venezuela's National Assembly declared that President Nicolas Maduro had "abandoned his post”. With catchy headlines spreading quickly around the world, the recent vote resulted to be very limited, and the Venezuelan opposition did not manage ...


Fighting the Routine and Thirsting for Innovation. The Economy of Latin American Countries

... in civil aviation. According to 2014 UNECLAC (United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) data, 16 of the 50 largest translatinas are Mexican; 14 are Brazilian; 11 are Chilean; 6 are Colombian; 2 are Argentinean; and 1 is Venezuelan. [3] Data on sales volumes and areas of specialization economic sector of the five largest translatinas are given in the table below. Table 1. The Largest Translatinas , 2014. Name Country Sector Sales volume, millions of dollars Petrobras ...


Marcelo Montes: The Future of Mercosur Is Now in Question

With Argentina and Brazil opposing the Venezuelan Mercosur presidency, as well as severe economic problems facing the region, hope for a genuinely progressive Mercosur looks increasingly threatened. Marcelo Montes , professor of international relations at the National University of Villa ...


Five Steps towards Venezuela-U.S. Rapprochement

According to Caracas , President Obama’s Executive Order of March 9, 2015, which qualifies Venezuela as a “threat to the national security of the United States”, could serve as a prelude to an armed intervention. But in reality, the order appears to have brought the two countries towards the path of rapprochement. Indeed, the bilateral ...


The EU-CELAC Summit in Brussels: New Horizons or New Geopolitical Schemes?

... at the EuroLat Parliamentary Assembly, which is the parliamentary institution under the Bi-regional Strategic Association established in 1999 during the EU-LAC Summits. In response to the Latin American’s appeal to put an end to US pressure on Venezuela, which has been unreservedly supported by the EU, the European Parliament Vice-President Antonio Tajani emphasized that the EU would continue to monitor the state of human rights around the world, which clearly runs counter to the foreign policy ...


Summit of Americas – No Bridge built

... since Cuba was suspended from the Organisation of American States in 1962. Despite this, however, the Cuban question was pushed into the background at the Summit’s plenary session. The issue that took centre stage was the current situation in Venezuela. The reason for this rearrangement of the agenda was the US President’s executive order of 9 March 2015, which declared the situation in Venezuela “an extraordinary threat to US national security and foreign policy”. This document ...


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