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Younger Generation Task Force on Ukraine and Euro-Atlantic Security To Meet in Sofia, Bulgaria in October

In recent years, historical animosities and uncertainties in the global security landscape have hindered efforts to develop a fresh approach to Euro-Atlantic security. The crisis in Ukraine has exacerbated the problem, further undermining cooperation, increasing tensions and widening differences on a host of security, political, economic and other issues. To address the crisis and engage a new generation of analysts and problem-solvers, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace , European...


Ukraine 2014: permanent crisis or a model for new relations?

... into Russia will make it possible, albeit in the long term, to get out of the crisis of trust and relationship. It’s no accident that this is the approach to the problem that is being advocated by many well-known politicians and experts in the USA, and Henry Kissinger himself, who are calling for a rejection of unilateral actions and, while not accepting much of Moscow’s foreign policy line, are pointing to the importance and necessity of multilateral dialogue. AP Chronicles of the Ukrainian crisis (in russian) It is only possible to implement dialogue scenarios of this kind, however, if official Washington agrees to it. Washington, bearing in mind the European Atlanticism which is markedly underestimated by certain experts in ...


Japan Fosters Solidarity with the United States and Europe against Russia

... – in favor of America. Under pressure from Washington and the influence of deep-rooted pro-American lobby in the Japanese establishment, the Japanese government toughened its stance against Russia [2] . It should be noted that throughout the “Ukrainian crisis”, the two countries’ leaders had no direct contact, not even by telephone. Prime Minister Shinzō Abe emphasized that he highly valued his good personal relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Moscow appreciated ...


The truth must be revealed

... commitment, the opposition leaders staged an armed coup and publicly declared they had created a “government of the winners”. Unfortunately, the logic of “winner takes all” remains the thrust of Kiev’s actions, resulting in thousands of victims among civilians, hundreds of thousands of refugees and displaced persons, as well as an almost totally destroyed social infrastructure in many cities and towns in eastern Ukraine. RBTH: There has been much talk of a new Cold War in ...


The US and Russia Need Each Other Now More Than Ever

... Unfortunately, in the case of Ukraine, this general rule does not seem to be working. Such a conclusion is unavoidable on observing the discussions on Ukraine in the U.S. For all the pluralist views on the causes, dynamics, and likely consequences of the Ukrainian crisis, U.S. political and expert opinion is almost exclusively centered on two points: first, the sanctions against Russia — their scope and consistency, mechanisms to apply them, and the potential impact on the Kremlin; second, the apparent ...


Russia-US crisis may soon spread to Near East

It seems that the tendency toward a needless exacerbation of US-Russian relations, which started with the crisis in Ukraine, has now begun to spread to the Near East as well. This time the area of confrontation has become Syria. The Russian-US “honeymoon,” more precisely the time allotted for eliminating the Syrian chemical arsenal, will soon be over and all signs indicate that the plan will be fulfilled as agreed. But proposed Geneva III talks have clearly lost traction. Fierce fighting...


Russia-U.S. Dialogue in the Ukrainian Context

On March 18, 2014 RIAC and RAS Institute for U.S. and Canadian Studies held a roundtable "Russian-American Relations in the Context of Ukraine Crisis" with participation of experts on international security, economy and Russia-U.S. relations, as well as businessmen. The speakers underlined that the Ukraine crisis appears to be the most acute issue since the end of the Cold War and it has probably not culminated yet. Currently, it seems sensible to focus on agreements rather than on confrontation...


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