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We Have to Fight Lies and Fake News Virtually on a Daily Basis

National Interest editor Jacob Heilbrunn interviews Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States of America H. E. Anatoly Antonov Heilbrunn: President Vladimir Putin has recently published a new essay on Ukraine stating that Ukrainians and Russians are the same people. He also indicated that there are red lines that neither Ukraine nor NATO would be allowed to cross....


Russia’s National Security Strategy: A Manifesto for a New Era

... in today’s Russia. Therein lies perhaps the biggest vulnerability of modern Russia. On foreign policy, the strategy is fairly elliptic, but it gives a hint of what the upcoming Foreign Policy Concept might include. The United States and some of its NATO allies are now officially branded unfriendly states. Relations with the West are de-prioritized and those countries ranked last in terms of closeness, behind former Soviet countries; the strategic partners China and India; non-Western institutions ...


Sailing Into Troubled Waters. Russia Counters Britain in the Black Sea

... ground, in the air, or at sea—would push Moscow to defend what it cannot give up without losing its self-respect. This would almost inevitably lead to clashes and casualties, which would carry the risk of further escalation. Should this happen, Russia-NATO confrontation would deteriorate literally to the point of brinkmanship, a truly bleak scenario. Red lines, of course, are not there to be accepted, merely acknowledged. No one in Moscow expects the West to accept Russia’s sovereignty over Crimea ...


A Tentative Step Back From the Abyss Reflects Sober Assessment of the Danger of Nuclear War

... shrill tone from the Biden team preceding his meeting with Russian President Putin on June 16, it seemed realistic that both sides were lowering expectations in pre-summit pronouncements. In the days before the summit, Biden met with G7 leaders and NATO officials to create an impression of a united front against the "threats" posed by Russia and China. His spokesmen repeatedly painted a picture of an "Alliance of Democratic States" prepared to confront "autocratic regimes",...


Advancing Strategic Stability in the Euro-Atlantic Region, 2021 and Beyond

... Initiative; and former Special Assistant for Russia/NIS Programs to the Secretary of Energy, United States Philip Mark Breedlove General (Ret.), United States Air Force; former Commander, U.S. European Command, and 17th Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO, United States Kathryne Bomberger Director-General, International Commission on Missing Persons, United States Ambassador Richard Burt Chairman, Global Zero USA, United States Evgeny Buzhinskiy Chairman of the PIR Center Executive Board; Vice-President of the Russian International Affairs Council; and Lt-General (Ret.), Russia General (Ret.) Vincenzo Camporini Vice President, Istituto Affari Internazionali,...


Russia and Europe: the Current Impasse and the Way Out

... remained of the relationship. The Navalny poisoning in August 2020, his dispatch to Germany for treatment, Germany’s public accusation that Russia had used a nerve agent to try to kill the opposition activist, Navalny’s return to Moscow from Berlin in ... ... Economic Union, with cross-ownership of some of the main assets on both sides; a security architecture centered on the OSCE, with NATO and the Moscow-led Collective Security Treaty Organization partnering to jointly uphold stability across the continent; and ...


A ‘Patriotic Heretic’ Favoring Renewal of U.S.-Russian Détente

... New START ...,” 2021). 8 . Starr, “U.S. deploying B-1 bombers to Norway ...,” 2021. 9 . Newlin et al. , “U.S.-Russia relations ...,” 2020, p. 7. 10 . Allison and Simes, “Russia and America: stumbling to war ...,” 2015. 11 . Roth, “Thousands march ...,” 2019. 12 . Upon hearing that the U.S. Senate had ratified the expansion of NATO, Kennan reportedly remarked: “This expansion would make the Founding Fathers of this country [America] turn over in their graves. We have [given NATO’s Article 5] signed up to protect a whole series of countries, even though we have neither the ...


Surviving in a Deregulated Strategic World

... the growth of its nuclear forces, there are other powers who have joined the nuclear weapons states club as independent players. The United Kingdom and France, which developed their weapons in the 1950s and 1960s, have always been U.S. allies within NATO, and their weapons were always considered by Moscow to be part of the Western bloc’s combined nuclear arsenal. Cold War-era nuclear bipolarity that coincided with a similar ideological and geopolitical division (China remained largely introverted ...


The Army and Air Force of the Future

Despite numerous advances in technology designed to kill, the soldier in the field remains the backbone of this process Whenever we move into a new year, or a new decade for that matter, predictions for the future abound. While few would dare make any global forecasts after the insanity of 2020, things in many narrower fields continue to move as usual, and the defence industry is just one of them. Fortunately, the active militarization that we have seen in recent years does not look like it is...


Russia-US Relations: Total Containment and Selective Dialogue

... of our organisations and companies listed in this act have long been under sanctions. In other words, the presumption of refusal to supply has long been introduced with regard to our companies and structures. We certainly heard the political signal. ... ... normalisation of relations but just a sound foundation, that is, channels of dialogue or at least attempts to find a common denominator in different situations. We are going from bad to worse. This has been typical of the past four years and for now we do ...


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