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Part 2. A Longstanding Friendship under Threat

On the potential impact of American sanctions on the Russia – India Arms Trade The first part of this article has demonstrated that India and Russian enjoy a close military relationship. India makes use of Russian material in all the branches of its armed forces. The material used ranges from munition to vehicles ...


Part 1. A Longstanding Friendship under Threat

On the potential impact of American sanctions on the Russia – India Arms Trade The Russian Federation is the second largest supplier of weapons globally. In 2016, 21% of global arms sales were Russian. Between 2000 and 2016 Russia accounted for on average 25% of global exports . During that period 30% of exports ...


BRICS Summit: A Blessing in Disguise

... for India will make it possible for New Delhi to continue to receive an endless supply of “carrots” from Washington unless India has additional insurance and an alternative counterbalance. For Russia, the current situation is interesting in that now ... ... inclusive multilateral trading system” to barbs intended for the President of the United States on specific issues, such as the refusal to approve new members of the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization. The already “mature” BRICS format entails ...


South Asian Gas Market: It’s Time to Mount an Offensive

... resources to South Asia. African, Southeast Asian and Australian suppliers also have a minor presence in the region. Until recently, the regional gas market was considered to be fairly stable and predictable; in some segments, such as LNG supplies to India, the marketplace was effectively monopolized by Qatar. Qatar RIAC and Gateway House Report “Russia – India Energy Cooperation: Trade, Joint Projects, and New Areas” Qatar is the unconditional leader in gas supplies to South Asia. In 2004,...


Trump — Kim Summit: A Gamble beyond Optics

... fruits, and there is a move forward. They would genuinely look for peace, as Seoul is within reach of conventional weapons of North Korea. — Russian may have to wait for clarifications on THAAD deployment, a concern they have been airing earlier. — India will welcome a peaceful Korean Peninsula, but would be keen on some control on North Korea on alleged proliferation of missile technology to Pakistan. It remains to be seen as to what the future has for Korean Peninsula, but it was interesting to ...


China and the US in Asia: Four Scenarios for the Future

Washington consensus 2.0 / China–India Axis / Multipolar balance of power / New bipolarity A few months ago, the author wrote an article for the RIAC website ... ... for the region, Asia remains a far greater, far more complex, and far more fragmented continent than Europe. There are no thousands of years of common history, no clearly dominant religion, no apparent analogue to “European values.” Multilateral institutions ...


Indo-Pacific or Community of Common Destiny?

... strengthening of US bilateral relations with countries in the region and the fostering of multilateral cooperation. The most important aspect of the latter is the so-called Quad, designed to unite the four “democracies” of the Indo-Pacific region - the USA, Japan, Australia, and India. Attempts to create a Quad have been ongoing for many years now, and the administration of Donald Trump has created additional momentum, already achieving a moderate amount of success. All of this in spite of the generally disdainful attitude of ...


Prospects of Military Space Industry

... contrasting background for the successes of the newcomers to space. China performed a manned flight and launched a Moon surface probe. India orbited a constellation of polar satellites and launched a space probe of its own. The ESA created small satellites to map ... ... progressed to even the second stage of the erstwhile Soviet and U.S. research, namely the creation of space stations and/or reusable manned spacecraft. The so-called second space race was a political imitation rather than an actual space exploration competition....


Putin’s Brave New World

... Third, Russian foreign policy will be inextricably linked to the goals and needs of the country’s domestic development in terms of its social, economic and technological spheres. All of the major international players, including the US, EU, China and India, currently have domestic development as their ultimate priority, and Russia is no exception. There are very active and sometimes emotional discussions inside the country about the future of the national economy, and the range of opinions is very ...


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