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The implications of a victory for the Islamic State in SYRIA and IRAQ

Patrick Adams (Strategic Analyst & RIEAS Research Associate) A victory for the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria would have a wide range of economic, social and political consequences. Economically, there would be a significant and damaging effect on the world's oil supply. Socially, not only would Iraq and Syria be affected but any country with a sizable Muslim population. Politically, there would be consequences due to the forming of new alliances between former foes and the type of...



Quentin de Pimodan (Author based in the Middle East) Al Baghdadi's major strategic failure has been his choice of the Fertile Crescent as the region for the establishment of his Khilafa. His dream of reestablishing a Sunni caliphate with roots in Iraq and Syria will eventually be crushed by the field's realities and only exposes his own lack of knowledge about the region. Not that a Sunni leadership would be impossible to carry on the lands of the ancient Omayyad and Abbasid's...


Transatlantic Homeland Security and collective action

... investigation teams which will cooperate on cases that cross international borders. Furthermore, the European Union border agency (FRONTEX) must start a strong cooperation with US authorities. Finally, in the 21st century, the war against international terrorism requires more than ever collective action among the intelligence services depended on shared intelligence and common assessments in order to prevent once again prospective major terrorist acts in Europe and United States. There is no time to lose.


National Security and Intelligence Reform: The Case of Greece

... in the USA, March 11th 2004 in Madrid, July 7th 2005 in London and most recently July 18th 2012 in Burgas, Bulgaria, indicate, or actually prove, that the distribution and analysis of information by those who are competent to eliminate international terrorism is inefficient. Intelligence cooperation is still an obstacle for information analysis due to the combination of a net centric world, which facilitates terrorist groups with ethnocentric perceptions. Moreover, the fact that intelligence services are integrated into ...


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  1. In your opinion, what are the US long-term goals for Russia?
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