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Predicting a Tripolar Nuclear World: Where Does the United States Fit In?

Policy Brief #44 / 2022 Policy Brief #44 / 2022 In October 2022, Joseph Biden’s administration published the new U.S. Nuclear Posture Review (NPR-2022) as part of a single National Defense Strategy (NDS-2022) package along with the Missile Defense Review (MDR-2022). The previous Nuclear Posture Review appeared in February 2018 during Donald Trump’s presidency. One of the key functions of any publicly available strategic document is to deliver information to other states – both friendly and hostile...


Is France’s Nuclear Shield Big Enough to Cover All of Europe?

... February 7 speech . The eighth president of the Fifth Republic noted that the last head of state to visit the École de Guerre in Paris was Charles de Gaulle himself, who delivered his famous speech on the creation of the Force de frappe , or the French Strategic Nuclear Forces (SNF), here on November 3, 1959. According to conservative estimates, the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world after that of Russia and the U.S., no less, with almost 300 warheads. The previous resident of the Élysée Palace,...


Three Groups of Threats from Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems

Some experts believe that maintaining strategic stability in the coming decades will require a revision of the foundations of the deterrence theory in the multipolar world Using autonomous technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning in the military sphere leads to the emergence of new threats, and it is crucial that we identify them in time. Over the last decade, the development of technologies that can provide conventional weapons with unique capabilities typical of “killer robots”...


INF Treaty: More than Just an Agreement

... think of many other scenarios that could be implemented under certain circumstances and put the world on the brink of destruction. Furthermore, country’s readiness to resort to low-yield nuclear weapons considerably weakens the deterrent potential of strategic nuclear forces. It should also be noted that the aforementioned scenario is fraught with escalation, which could result in all-out nuclear warfare. Finally, it would not be entirely correct to consider the readiness of the United States to use ...


On the Balance of Strategic Nuclear Forces

The simulation has shown that a sudden first strike by the United States on Russia would take out up to 86 per cent of Russia’s SNFs in “delivery systems” and 87 per cent in “explosive tonnage”. The development of strategic nuclear forces (SNF) is becoming an increasingly relevant topic in light of the latest United States Nuclear Posture Review and other policy papers, as well as Russia’s announcement regarding the development of new nuclear delivery vehicles....


North Korea’s Two Allies

North Korea's Strategic Nuclear Forces On July 3, 2016, North Korea will mark its first ever Strategic Forces Day. Following the fourth nuclear test that took place earlier this year, North Korea recently carried out successful tests of a medium-range missile. So,...


Apocalypse Fifth Chinese Horse. China’s Strategic Nuclear Forces

... rivalry increases the risk of destabilizing the Asia-Pacific region and the world. China's economic growth is objectively accompanied by enhanced geopolitical ambitions and an intensified development of its armed forces. Under these new conditions, strategic nuclear forces appear to be the only Beijing’s tool to deter the US and its allies, and, perhaps, to maintain its global status in the future. Hidden power or concealed impotence? Of the five countries that officially possess nuclear weapons ...


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