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Russia’s nonproliferation policy and global strategic stability

Russia’s position on topical issues of global security and notes the most important obstacles to disarmament and nonproliferation While the weight of accumulated problems and troubling instabilities in strategic sphere is significant, relations among nuclear powers are very far from being well-tempered....


The Global Value Shift: Adjusting the Institutional Framework

... built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided to them – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry The severity of the current crisis is likely to lead the global community to re-think some of the fundamental values and priorities in such areas as security, welfare and governance. With respect to security the realization may be that it is a much broader category than “military security” per se, with health and environment becoming increasingly more important factors. Welfare for its part is ...


America’s Withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty Undermines Euro-Atlantic Security

... officials. Instead, we want to try once again to draw attention to the significance of the treaty in terms of stability and security in the Euro-Atlantic region. Heritage Foundation analyst Patty-Jane Geller recently assessed the situation around the ... ... claims that Russia is not fully implementing the agreement are baseless. At the same time, despite the absurdity of most accusations, we have always shown an openness to discussing issues that concern Washington, DC. There is the Open Skies Consultative ...


U.S. Withdrawal From Open Skies Bolsters Case for New Strategic Regime

... Forces (INF) Treaty with Russia. His plan now to leave the Open Skies Treaty, a 1992 accord that allows for aerial reconnaissance of the territory of 35 countries in Europe and North America, fully follows the logic of abolishing U.S. international security commitments. The next shoe to fall will likely be the New START Treaty, which the Trump administration seems happy to let expire next February. Accusations of Russian infringements of the treaties and agreements, as well as the condemnation of Iranian activities outside the scope of the JCPOA, serve as a necessary and useful pretext for wrecking the established regimes. The prospect of crafting ...


How Russia Can Maintain Equilibrium in the Post-Pandemic Bipolar World

... “never against each other, not always with each other.” This combination of reliability and flexibility is how it should also be in the future. The coronavirus crisis has put Sino-Russian relations to the test. Both for Moscow and Beijing, national security trumped all other considerations. Each country proceeded to close their shared border as soon as it perceived a threat to public health, and without prior consultations. The Chinese authorities voiced displeasure at the treatment of Chinese tourists ...


Ambassador Anatoly Antonov's Open Letter

... substantive part of their jail sentences. We are again calling upon the U.S. authorities to demonstrate mercy and good will. Free the Russian citizens. Their life and health are under the threat. Anatoly I.Antonov Source: Facebook Embassy of Russia in the USA


War, the Economy and Politics in Syria: Broken Links

... Turkey’s strategic plans to complete the creation of a long buffer zone in the north of Syria, which includes Idlib territory to the north of the M-4 road by using the anti-Assad militants under its control. In doing so, Turkey wants to ensure the security of its borders and gain more room for the relocation of Syrian refugees. This time, temporary agreements between the military and the secret services won’t be enough for reliable stabilization. It is time for Russia and Turkey to seek more ...


Russia’s View on Nuclear Arms Control

Arms Control Today conducted a written interview in early March with Anatoly Antonov, Russian ambassador to the United States on issues including the current status of U.S.-Russian strategic security talks, the future of New START, talks on intermediate-range missile systems, engaging China in arms control, and President Vladimir Putin’s proposal for a summit of the leaders of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. Arms ...


Prospects and significance of nuclear arms control

... commitment to nuclear disarmament in the framework of Article VI of the NPT. This is an important consideration in view of the Tenth Review Conference scheduled for April-May 2020. Neither would a five-year extension pose any risks for Russian or US national security because under Article XIV of START, each party has the right to withdraw at any time should it decides that that extraordinary events related to the subject matter of the Treaty have jeopardized its supreme interests. [1] Moreover, for decades,...


Russia’s Comeback Isn’t Stopping With Syria

... cause and an outsize geopolitical ambition. The Russian Federation has learned from this. When it travels abroad, it goes for security buffers as in Ukraine, status as in Syria and mostly money elsewhere. There is no grand design, but a lot of opportunity-seeking,... ... The choice to weaponize internet technologies to influence other countries’ domestic politics, for instance, has provoked accusations from such important partners as Germany and France but failed to advance Russia’s political goals. Regarding elections ...


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