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Scotland's Independence - the Irish Border ... and the US

It is great foot-work of Scotland to communicate the message of Independence to the EU Resistance to Scottish Independence will come – and perhaps even also from a corner not in England, but across the pond. The UK is a key US ally. Scotland has a strategic location for UK ...


Western Europe: The Autumn of Separatism

The Shedding of Hopes In terms of the quest for independence, 2014 has been a bad year for separatist movements in a number of regions in Western European countries (Scotland, Catalonia, Northern Italy, Flanders, Greenland, Corsica, Northern Ireland and the Basque Country). In some countries, the separatists lost referendums and polls, while in others the mass actions of their supporters were unsuccessful. There were ...


The Devolution Revolution

The global fervour surrounding the referendum in Scotland has blown over The global fervour surrounding the referendum in Scotland has blown over. Scotland will remain a part of the United Kingdom and the foreign policy consequences of its possible independence will not materialize. However, the outcome ...


Understanding the Scottish Referendum

Nor is Scotland unique Now that the dust is settling on the referendum on Scottish Independence held on September 18, 2014 we are better able to see it in perspective. That 45 per cent of voters in Scotland voted ‘yes’, and on a ballot where 85 ...


Ripples Looming from Scotland's Independence Referendum

It is hard to predict whether or not Scotland will remain within the United Kingdom The referendum on Scottish independence emerged as a key British political issue in 2011 after the Scottish National Party won parliamentary elections in Scotland. However, the SNP obtained a parliamentary ...


Separatism in the European Union

Separatists in Europe: Strangers among Friends Separatism is most apparent in certain regions of such European Union members as Great Britain (Scotland, Northern Ireland), Spain (Catalonia, Basque Provinces), Belgium (Flanders), Italy (northern provinces), and France (Corsica). Separatist activity manifests not only within the political sphere, but sometimes (in Northern Ireland, Basque Country ...


Prospects for Scottish Independence

Interview with David McCrone Interview The referendum on Scottish independence, planned for autumn 2014, has attracted a great deal of media attention both in Europe and further afield. Many experts believe that if Scotland were to gain full independence, it could create a “domino effect” provoking other stateless nations to secede from their respective states. David McCrone, professor of Sociology at the University of Edinburgh, gives his analysis of ...


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