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The political striptease we are observing against the background of the coronavirus pandemic is not very attractive and makes you want to look away

... spreading via their closed communications channels as instructions to be used through Western and pro-Western media, which in this case often function as refuse dumps. Question: We must give credit to Trump for appreciating the assistance we have provided. Russia supplied the US with medical equipment to fight the coronavirus. Our military medical personnel went to help Italy. There has not been much criticism when it comes to Italy, but we were criticised for helping the US: they said we also need medical equipment and protective devices so why are we giving them ...


Good News From the Parallel Energy Sector

... create micro-energy systems and, of course, energy-saving devices will become more and more popular. And this is an entire new industry. While this debate is gaining momentum, let us in the meantime take a look at another unexpected angle. Due to the coronavirus, very good news went unnoticed last month. Scientists from the Moscow Radiotechnical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences patented a system for transferring energy from a space-based solar power station to the Earth, primarily to remote areas, where it is impossible to lay ground power lines. David Faiman from the Israeli Ben-Gurion University ...


COVID-19 in Japan. Discussion with Taisuke Abiru and Vladimir Nelidov

... Fellow of the RAS Institute of Oriental Studies Vladimir Nelidov, analyzed reasons for these measures and how they could affect the life of the population and the political situation in the country. See why the Japanese experience can be compared to the Russian and how Japan may even benefit from the pandemic.


To Sequestrate, or Not to Sequestrate. The Impact of Covid-19 on Military Budgets

... the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic crisis will impact procurement for the world's leading armies The ongoing coronavirus pandemic combined with the resulting economic crisis is already affecting behaviors of most countries in the world,... ... taking into account the probable early disposal of various obsolete assets and the ability to order new ones to replace them. Russia: Revising Priorities Given the general economic environment, the situation for Russia is different: the ruble is not a ...


Andrey Kortunov Gives a Lecture for ECFR on the Impact of the Pandemic on the International System

... Director General, gave a lecture to the staff, members, and partners of the European Council on Foreign Relations ( ECFR ) on the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the international system. The lecture was attended by seventy participants, including current ... ... representatives of public organizations. The lecture was followed by a discussion on the possibilities of interaction between Russia and the European Union in the new global geopolitical, economic, and epidemiological situation. Video


It is difficult to predict in detail yet in what state the European Union will emerge from the crisis. But it will

... Chizhov for International News Agency “Russia Today” Three German members of the Greens / European Free Alliance Group of the European Parliament have called upon EU leaders to tackle a suggested COVID-19 disinformation campaign allegedly waged by Russia. How would you comment the letter that contained the call? This document would not have deserved reaction had it not been for the moment when it appeared.The current situation of the coronavirus pandemic clearly requires all states and nationsto unite forces. And at this pointgetting obsessed with such narratives and accusations – obviously groundless – is more than odd. And don’t you feel any additional pressure from the European ...


Can Russia, Saudi Arabia Strike New OPEC+ Deal with US Help?

... nations. Russia faces the ordeal of implementing its so-called “ national projects ” and is undergoing a complex process of changes to its constitution and future power structure. The national projects largely define the quality of life for ordinary Russians, many of whom are experiencing a radical drop in their incomes between the oil crisis and coronavirus quarantines. In Saudi Arabia, in turn, the ongoing turbulence challenges its implementation of Vision 2030 and amasses potential for destabilization of the elites — recent arrests in the Saudi royal family attest to just that. This not ...


The Price of Sanctions is Human Lives

... humanitarian exemptions, a host of problems arose—bank refusals, supplier delays, delays at customs, etc. Christian Wollny: Coronavirus Reveals Cracks in European Unity Individual exemptions will have no effect without significant systemic changes introduced ... ... and individual countries, concrete Security Council resolutions are needed. As a permanent member of the Security Council, Russia could spearhead the process. It has at least submitted a draft COVID-19 resolution to the UN General Assembly. However,...


Coronavirus as a Problem of Fathers and Sons

... a conflict of fathers and sons, for the simple reason that young people everywhere in the world have their own fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, whose fate is not inconsequential to them – that happens in France, in China, and in Russia. There is no serious conflict between fathers and sons over coronavirus, but there is a generational problem. Of course, in an ideal society, all generations would live in harmony with each other and the problem of choosing priorities in such a society do not arise. But in real life, you have to deal with such ...


COVID-19: Toward New Forms of Social Organisation

... the arrival of an emergency, however fleeting, can provoke changes that will remain with us for a long time. Andrey Kortunov: Coronavirus: A New Bug or Feature of World Politics? The first and most obvious is the widespread use of distance learning and ... ... COVID-19 provides an excellent pretext. Within several weeks, and possibly for a period lasting months, many organisations in Russia and abroad will have to switch to remote work. The economy is already suffering enormous losses. Remote forms of work represent ...


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