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Visegrad Group Analysis in its Anniversary Year: Not Just Summing Up the Results

... it has fewer results to show in other areas. This, however, does not decrease the importance of the opening of the Visegrad House in Cape Town in 2010. At first, the initiative was supported by only three of the V4 countries, but a few months later, Poland also joined in support [8] . Thus, the Visegrad House in Cape Town, a cultural and economic mission of the Visegrad Group in the south of the continent of Africa, established a new development in the history of the V4. What are the Prospects for the Future? The tendency to disagree with Brussels is stronger than ever, and countries are beginning to band together ...


The Beneficiaries of the Ukrainian Crisis

... spending to two-percent at the expense of social programs, and the frontline role in view of a potential armed conflict in Europe. Vadim Trukhachev Vadim Trukhachev: the Visegrad Gainers from Ukraine Tragedy The obvious beneficiary appears to be the Visegrad Group of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, where both Russia-haters and opponents of sanctions are set to obtain dividends. Domestic Politics Newly elected Polish president Andrzej Duda, whose campaign was permeated with the Ukraine parlance and ...


Relations between Russia and Visegrad Group Discussed at RIAC

... Opening the roundtable, RIAC Director General Andrey Kortunov focused on the dynamic role of the Visegrad countries in the CEE policies of the European Union. Director of RAS Institute for European Studies Alexey Gromyko underlined the importance of the Visegrad Group for development of its member states and cooperation of Russia with Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Ambassador Priputen summed up the results of the Slovak presidency in the Visegrad Group. Roundtable "The Visegrad Europe and Russia Today"


The Visegrad Group in the Common European Process

... deported families was confiscated. 10 . Rejection by Brussels of legislative initiatives by the V. Orban Government. Interference in the drafting of the new Constitution, Law on the Press, Law on the Central Bank, Regulations for Judges, etc. 11 . Since Poland is the author and the main driver of that program and the Visegrad Group as a bordering region links certain geostrategic prospects with the Eastern Partnership Programme. 12 . Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Visegrad, Nordic and Baltic States. February, 20, 2013, Gdansk. ...


RIAC Leaders Meet Representatives of Polish Embassy

... feedback in relation to the suggested initiatives. To this end, on April 17 the Embassy of Poland plans to hold international conference “The Visegrad Group States and Russia – Vectors of Cooperation, Chances and Challenges” timed to Poland’s presidency in the Visegrad Group. In this context, the Russian-Polish relationship may provide a positive example for Moscow in development of constructive interaction with other Visegrad countries. The Embassy members invited RIAC leaders to participate in the conference ...


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