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Presentation of Valdai Club Report “International Intervention in Conflicts”

Alexander Nikitin held a lecture and presented his report “International Intervention in Conflicts: UN, OSCE, EU, NATO, CSTO Peacekeeping Policies” On Wednesday, June 28, 2017, Alexander Nikitin, Director of the Center for Euro-Atlantic Security at the Institute for International Research MGIMO and Head Research Associate of the Institute of World Economy ...


RIAC Takes Part in OSCE 2017 Annual Security Review Conference

Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, made a speech at the conference session that focused on transnational threats to European security On June 27–29, 2017, Vienna hosted OSCE Annual Security Review Conference to reflect on the work undertaken by the organization over the past year. Along with the representatives of OSCE participating States and the organization top management, representatives of leading partner organizations ...


Breaking the U.S.-Russia Impasse: Keeping the Door Open to Dialogue

... possess? Or will the Donbas region separate from the rest of Ukraine? Is a new format for the Minsk talks needed? Should the U.S., and possibly Turkey, join the Minsk talks along with Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany? Would a peacekeeping mission under OSCE auspices prove acceptable if Kiev, Moscow and the eastern Ukrainian autonomists could agree? What would be the conditions needed for both sides to accept peacekeepers, if a settlement can be reached? Southern Caucasus A Roadmap for U.S.-Russia Relations....


RIAC Takes Part in OSCE Security Days in Prague

Prague event is mostly focused on "Countering fragmentation and polarization: Re-creating a climate for stability in Europe." On May 18–19, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic hosts " OSCE Security Days " — annual expert meeting devoted to the discussion of security issues in the Euro-Atlantic. The event has been organized since 2012, with the most recent held in Berlin, in 2016. Prague event is mostly focused on "Countering ...


Salvaging what can be saved! – or: From the “Common European Home” to the “Europe of Cooperation”?

... Russia for the gradual reduction of strategic nuclear weapon systems, as well as the control and limitation of conventional weapon systems; o   Setting up a demilitarized corridor between the eastward-expanded NATO and Russia; o   Revaluating the OSCE; starting a new ‘Helsinki Process’ to create a new policy of détente and a renewed ‘Paris Charter’; o   Stopping any further territorial NATO expansion; opening negotiations between NATO and Russia to build a new transatlantic security ...


Transnistria: Dilemmas of Peaceful Settlement

... socioeconomic situation in Transnistria. At the same time, however, the preservation of these trade preferences squarely ties the PMR economy to those of the European Union and Moldova [2] . Meanwhile, the United States, the European Union and the OSCE – observers and mediators in the peaceful settlement process – are turning a blind eye to the actions of Ukraine, which is violating its status of guarantor nation by isolating Transnistria (by building defense fortifications and making ...


Countering the threats from the Middle East

... lines. We are aware that many previous attempts to create such a system have failed, and it cannot be imposed on the region by outside powers. We suggest nevertheless that experience from the Helsinki process in Europe and the modalities of work of the OSCE could be useful for regional actors who want to pursue this objective, and we stand ready to support this process. Signed Adam Daniel Rotfeld , former Foreign Minister, (Poland) (Task Force Co-Chair); Igor S. Ivanov , former Foreign Minister, President,...


European Track of Russia’s Geopolitics: Correcting Errors. Part 1

... believe that their best interests are met through the exact opposite. We can now see pretty well what this posture, attitude and policies are fraught with. However, it remains an open question how to reverse the situation. Failed attempts to make the OSCE an umbrella security organization in the Euro-Atlantic Project Four. Moscow would like to see Europe as the common heritage of its peoples, consistently democratic and not controlled from one center, friendly to all its peoples, rather than dividing ...


2015: A Time of Trouble and a Time of Opportunity

... of the West, its political organizations, and views. This domination, which is unacceptable to the majority of the Russian elites, has not brought peace and stability to the subcontinent. I am sure that the old system cannot be restored, even if the OSCE steps up its activity. This conclusion is based on my own twelve-month experience on the OSCE Panel of Eminent Persons, which was expected to offer proposals for a European security system reform. Despite sustained efforts, almost no progress has ...


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    U.S. wants to dissolve Russia  
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