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Hypersonic Weapons and Arms Control

... the hypersonic weapons. Some of the work worth mentioning had been carried out by the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs and the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research: a study “Hypersonic Weapons: A Challenge and Opportunity for Strategic Arms Control” [ 1 ] and a report on a UNIDIR-UNODA Turn-based Exercise “The Implications of Hypersonic Weapons for International Stability and Arms Control” [ 2 ]. One more important report was produced by the RAND Corporation, with a focus on proliferation ...


Group Statement on Nuclear Arms Control

... Nations General Assembly, over 100 members of the European Leadership Network ’s network of political, diplomatic and military figures call on leaders at UNGA to address rising nuclear risk, and renew commitments to international nuclear diplomacy and arms control. The full statement and list of signatories is reproduced in English below, and is also available in French , German , Italian , and Russian . ************ As world leaders prepare to meet this month at the United Nations in New York,...


New Arms Control Treaties May Be Impossible to Negotiate Now

The possibility of countries like Russia and the United States negotiating a new arms control treaty will be nearly impossible considering the current geopolitical conditions, Russian International Affairs Council President and former Russian FM Igor Ivanov said during a panel discussion on US-Russia strategic relations. The possibility ...


Road to Nowhere

After Ditching the INF Treaty, the U.S. Risks Further Isolation Seventeen years ago, in late 2001, the George W. Bush Administration announced the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) that Moscow and Washington, which was signed in 1972 and had served as a foundation of global strategic stability for 30 years. I remember well the tremendous efforts the Russian leadership poured into trying to keep the American side from taking such a step. President...


The World Must Pursue Calculated Disarmament

... elimination’ of nuclear weapons, regardless of the utility of nuclear deterrence. Whereas, state parties to the treaty have taken a wrong turn by forcing an absolute ban on nuclear weapons, while disregarding the calculated disarmament initiatives, especially arms control. It is critical to discuss the logic of each concept, nonetheless, discloses key variances amid disarmament and arms control. Total or absolute disarmament may encompass the abolition of a country’s entire nuclear weapons capacity. Whereas ...


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