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The Erosion and Undermining of the Transatlantic Relationship

From the point of view of Russia, everything that is happening is rather sad and telling What is telling about what is happening now in transatlantic relations is that a great power, in relations with its weak allies, inevitably faces the challenge of its own egoism, writes Valdai Club Programme Director Timofei Bordachev. In the event that we agree now with the most obvious origin of the terrorist attack on the Nord Stream international gas pipeline, then this extraordinary event can be a good...


How concerned is the Kremlin about possible Western sanctions on Nord Stream 2?

Andrey Kurtunov from the Russian International Affairs Council discusses Russia-Ukraine tensions and how concerned the Kremlin might be about possible Western sanctions, which have been threatened in case of an attack on Ukraine Andrey Kurtunov from the Russian International Affairs Council discusses Russia-Ukraine tensions and how concerned the Kremlin might be about possible Western sanctions, which have been threatened in case of an attack on Ukraine. Video


Results of 2021: Sanctions Policy

... emergence of a new decree and expectations for the implementation of Art. 307 of the CBW Act, but then lost interest in the sanctions topic. Ivan Timofeev: Platform Modernisation: What the US Treasury Sanctions Review Is All About The situation with Nord Stream 2 has also stabilised. Throughout 2020, the US discussed tougher sanctions against Russian pipeline projects. However, the eventually adopted PEESCA law (an amendment to the 2019 PEESA law) did not radically change the situation. Moreover,...


Dialogue through sanctions is unacceptable and violates international law

... to impede Russian oil and gas exports to Europe as unfair competition Ambassador Anatoly Antonov's answer to a media question. Dear Ambassador, could you please comment on the State Department's plans to expand the sanctions in the context of the Nord Stream 2 project? Anatoly Antonov: The U.S. administration, both Republicans and Democrats, has been trying to complicate the Russian-European energy cooperation for several years now. At first, Washington wanted to disrupt the completion of the ...


What to Do with Extraterritorial Sanctions? EU Responses

... to the JCPOA. The EU authorities were also unable to offer their businesses guarantees of reliable protection against punitive measures being taken by the US Treasury and other departments. The second event was Washington’s powerful attack on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. Trump has openly opposed the pipeline, although the Obama administration was also against the pipeline. Congress has passed two sanctions laws targeting Russian pipeline projects. The US Congress and the State Department ...


Removed Diplomacy: Why U.S. Sanctions Against Russia Have Gone Stale

... Timofeev: Biden's Sanctions Policy. The First Steps It's important to consider is the continuation of oil trade between the Netherlands and Russia. If the West is so concerned about preserving its ideals, why hasn't this trade been pressured? Likely because Nord Stream 2 is a relatively recent development, but the arrangement between the Dutch and Russia has been around for some time. What is odd, however, are the numbers. Between the Netherlands and Russia, there is hardly a difference in the dollar value ...


Nord Stream 2: Who Benefits From the Navalny Affair?

... retaliation for the violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, France and Germany will share several proposals for sanctions with their European partners. This statement occurs in the complex and unstable context of the Russian-European project, Nord Stream 2. Undermined by threats of U.S. sanctions, this infrastructure venture, surely the most ambitious in Europe, is currently at a standstill. In Germany, various political figures are voicing their willingness to abandon the project, such as ...


Don’t Expect Sanctions to Stop Nord Stream II

... flying start. It’s time to let go…because of an incoherent strategy, appearing in a historical context of failure, signals peril. Round One: Shaky First Steps Petr Korzun: International Security Implications of the US-Russia Contention Over the Nord Stream 2 This new task of sanctioning the NS2 project appeared not as a unilateral and relatively clear-cut scenario as had been the case of sanctions vis-à-vis, for example, Iran, where its effects could do minimal damage to the robust transatlantic ...


The Current Trends in Russia–EU Relations

... challenging year in the history of these organizations, which will be put under immense political pressure. The further politicization of energy cooperation between Russia and the European Union (for instance, the emergence of new issues in completing work on Nord Stream 2; and the blatant refusal of some EU states to prolong gas contracts with Russia). The clash between Russian and European interests in some regions of the world, including Africa and Latin America, and competition between Russia and Europe ...


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