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Moving Towards a Conservative International?

... continuation of the best political traditions inherited from last century .” This is all part of a more fundamental question: Is the growing nationalist trend an indication that conservatism is being replaced gradually on the political stage? Or has nationalism always been an inherent feature of conservatism ? Ivan Timofeev: “Twilight of the West?” The New Totalitarianism, Reflection and Free Thought The substantive part of the conference provided some food for thought as to the creation of ...


Russia’s Militia Groups and their Use at Home and Abroad

What makes the militia milieu so unique and important for understanding today’s Russia is that it finds itself at the intersection of state institutions, patronage mechanisms, criminal structures, and grassroots illiberal activism. Abroad, the Kremlin plays through it one of its major “hybrid warfare” cards, outsourcing activities traditionally conducted by intelligence entities and allowing for plausible deniability. The militia realm thus seems destined to play a growing role in Russia’s law-enforcement...


Three Scenarios for the Next EU Elections

Reflections on a Far Right win, European dream team, and a two-speed Europe The next elections for the European Parliament will take place on 23-26 May 2019 and the EU’s various political families are already mobilising. They will be crucial elections in a crucial year. 2019 promises tough times for Europe with Brexit, elections, and certainly more financial turbulences, which are already under way. Here we propose three short- and medium-term possible scenarios, none of which looks reassuring...


From Post-Modernism to Neo-Modernism

... and unlawful generalizations, I will nevertheless take the liberty of naming four basic characteristics of neo-modernism that stand in opposition to the four post-modern tenets, which until recently were considered generally accepted. Firstly , it is nationalism. All heralds of the new era invariably emphasize specific national interests of their countries as opposed to post-modernists’ global universalism. It is quite noteworthy that during his election campaign Donald Trump spoke not about ...


Modi: Focusing on the Indian Diaspora Abroad

... Nehru’s successors as Prime Minister for the Indian National Congress was guided by the same thinking. The current ruling party in India is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP, or Indian People’s Party), which is committed to Hindutva, a form of nationalism based on the religious traditions of Hinduism. According to Hindutva, India serves as the centre of the “Hindu world”, and maintaining close ties between Mother India and the Indian diaspora abroad is an integral part of the great ...


China 100 Years Down the Line: Before and After the War of Asia

... cope with the impending demographic crisis brought about by an ageing population? All these questions are, of course, extremely important. However, we believe that the most important variable in the infinitely complex equation of the future China is nationalism. This paper attempts to answer the question: What role could nationalism and the conflicts it provokes play in the fate of China and the Asia-Pacific Region? China’s Future in Europe’s Past? Today’s China bears a number of ...


The Japanese Vision on State and Order

... values (what should be the purpose and priority of governance). Overall, a vast majority endorses a vision that employs the Western methods of governance in order to preserve traditional values of the Japanese society. Abe’s “pro-Western nationalism” is popular precisely because he understands these dynamics. The dramatic demise of the Koizumi administration indicated that the Japanese nation still prefers a leader who prioritizes the preservation of societal stability over the ...


Can Historical Memory Bring Us Peace and Quiet?

... right-wing political elites and hordes of disenchanted ordinary civilians, multiplying like germs and quickly becoming an influential political force, with all the fatal consequences that that would entail. We cannot allow ourselves to forget the dangers of nationalism and chauvinism, which have increasingly manifested themselves in recent times in different corners of the globe and given rise – among other things – to some nations imposing (including by force) their values and ideals onto others....


Nationalism in China's Drive towards Global Leadership

... Initially, the Communist Party of China (CPC) was absolutely internationalist, whereas when the Japanese launched their aggression in the 1930s, the consolidation of all patriotic forces against the intruder came to the fore. The return from destructive nationalism to a more constructive version surfaced after the departure of the first generation of communist leaders headed by Mao Zedong. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, the policy of friendship and alliance with the Soviet ...


Will Nationalism Disappear in 100 years' time?

Modern trends of nationalism Nationalism, which during the Soviet Union period was defined in no other terms than a "relic of capitalism", remains a permanent feature of human society. New nations have emerged in new states, which not are only repeating the ...


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