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Southeast Europe Today. Immediate Development Prospects

... swap” between Kosovo and Serbia is particularly dangerous, as it could set a precedent for Kosovo and Albania to launch the process of “gathering the territories” that have an Albanian population, which threatens the territorial integrity of Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia. Calls for establishing Great Albania have long been heard from Pristina and Tirana. The neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina has been unable to form a government for over a year now. The key point of contention here is the accession of B&H to NATO, which is opposed by one of the countries confederal entities, Republika Srpska. Milorad Dodik, the Serb ...


Possible International “Package Solution” Formats on the Balkans Issue

... Republic of Serbia, the Republika Srpska with access to the sea in the Herceg Novi region (Montenegro) and the Serbian communities in the north of Kosovo, including North Mitrovica; — “Great” Croatia : Republic of Croatia, the third “entitet” in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Herceg Bosna (Herzeg-Bosnia)); — Montenegro would receive a part of the Serbian Sandzak; — Bosnia and Herzegovina within the borders of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the possible option of creating a confederation with Croatia / Serbia / Montenegro; — Macedonia ...


Moving Towards New Meanings. 9 May in the Balkans

... calendar . It is a working day in all Balkan nations (except the Republic of Serbia), and a recognized public holiday in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina only. It is, thus, no surprise that the leaders of these Balkan nations (Tomislav Nikolić, Milorad Dodik,... ... Croatians have no major disagreements. It should be noted that attitudes to May 9 have acquired a geopolitical meaning this year in Montenegro. In late April. The last military parade in Yugoslavia, 1985 Today, amid discussions over which world ...


Modern Russia in the Modern Balkans: Soft Power through Investment

... be placed in the same category, but with certain reservations. The nature of investment there is somewhat different, as it is corporations that invest in Serbia, while it is individuals who invest in Montenegro (chiefly in real estate and tourism); Montenegro’s foreign policy is more Western-oriented; and a number of large investment projects have failed. Bosnia and Herzegovina may be called prospective partners , especially one of the two entities of the Federation – Republika Srpska – and Macedonia. Large Russian capital arrived relatively recently (2007-2012), but its prospects are good ...


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