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Great Powers Competition in Moldova

... accession criteria. Integration into the Schengen area would trigger a demographic crisis, with young Moldovan citizens having few opportunities at home. Consequently, the European Union prefers to adopt an attitude similar to that of Russia and consider Moldova as a political no man's land. In this regard, the result of the elections of November 15, 2020, with Maia Sandu attests to the influence of western influence in the country, but also highlights the lack of confidence in Dodon's leadership, who has not managed to achieve a rapprochement with Russia during his term ...


Electoral Battles in Moldova

... just 8 polling stations. Meanwhile about a hundred stations will be opened in the Western countries where Moldovans are in favour of rapprochement with the EU. The decision was passed in spite of numerous protests over the results of the parliamentary elections in November 2014 when only 15,000 Moldovans were able to vote in Russia. By way of comparison, in Romania where the number of Moldovans at the time was twelve times less than in Russia, eleven polling stations were opened. This situation, which challenges universally accepted democratic ...


Moldova Local Elections Reveal Opportunities for Russia’s Engagement

... are opportunities to exploit in Moscow’s bilateral relations with Chisinau. Firstly, pro-Russian parties enjoy wide support in Moldova. Indeed, the Socialist Party with its slogan “Together with Russia” came first in the 2014 general elections. Secondly, Russia is Moldova’s second most important trading partner after the EU, absorbing 28 percent of the country’s export and supplying around 8 percent of Moldova’s consumer goods. Additionally, Russia accounts for almost 70 percent of remittances ...


Parliamentary Elections in Moldova – Fewer Values, More Technology

... Liberals could set too high a price for their participation in the alliance, although the possibility of the Liberal Democrats and the Democrats switching to negotiations with the Communists would reduce their potential significantly. An analysis of the Moldovan elections would not be complete without mentioning another noteworthy event, namely, the exclusion of the Rodina party leader Renato Usatii. This politically motivated action is likely to have far-reaching consequences. In order to get a grasp on these ...


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