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The Impact of Missile Defense Systems Development on Strategic Stability Discussed within ISCRAN — CISAC Expert Russian-American Dialogue

... CISAC was held On May 16, 2023, a regular meeting of the bilateral expert Russian-American dialogue between the Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISCRAN) and CISAC was held. The discussion focused on the impact of missile defense systems development on strategic stability, as well as possible coordinated actions of the member states of the "Nuclear Club" (P5) to reduce the risks of nuclear war. The event was hosted by Sergey Rogov, Academic Director of ...


Russia and China Respond to THAAD

... regional security and what countermeasures Moscow and Beijing may take. At this point Russia-China agreement on joint measures to establish their strategic interests and balance of power in the region, signed in a response to future deployment of the US missile defense system THAAD in South Korea should rather be viewed as a step to increase political pressure on Seoul. Evidently, it is too early to speak about parties’ readiness to take immediate military action. The decision to deploy a THAAD ...


One Thousand and One Nights: Barack Obama on Missile Defence in the Persian Gulf

The news that U.S. President Barack Obama is planning on putting forward a proposal to the leaders of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf at the summit in Washington and Camp David on May 13–14, 2015 to help set up a region-wide missile defence system has spread like wildfire across the global media. It is interesting that Arabic news agencies and internet resources have circulated the message without actually commenting on it. It would seem that the situation is clear – the...


Russia and the USA at the Crossroads: Obama's Initiatives and Moscow's Reaction

... to our countries" will be considered in the 2х2 format, i.e. by the ministers of foreign affairs and defense. The four ministers should probably discuss not only such problems as Syria (and Iran), but also strategic military topics, including missile defense, nuclear and conventional precision weapons as well as other issues. Moreover, the Presidents instructed their Security Councils to maintain a regular dialogue. On 14 June 2013, an agreement was signed in Washington on reforming the Cooperative ...


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