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UK–Russia Security Relations: Talking To, Not Past Each Other

... four workshops on the most pressing security issues: the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty; organised crime and terrorism; the Middle East; and cyber security. Certainly, the four roundtables that RUSI and RIAC hosted on these sensitive but salient security issues brought out some contentious views, but also revealed plenty of scope for practical agreement. The UK and Russian participants’ approaches to security questions may not always align but, as the numerous recommendations indicate, there ...


Middle East: Everyone for Himself

Chairman of the PIR Center Council Lt-Gen Yevgeny Buzhinsky (Ret.) speaks on the prospects for a collective security system in the Middle East, regional divergences and the influence of external forces in an interview with on the sidelines ... ... security system in the Middle East. The main goal today is to end the conflict in Syria and embark on economic recovery there. Russia will not be able to do this single-handedly but from the viewpoint of the future this is very important. Syria has always ...


A Roadmap for U.S.-Russia Relations

... broader agenda of cooperation on specific, attainable measures across different issues areas is also important for another reason: to help stabilize the relationship and buffer against conflict in the future. The analyses that follow examine prospects for Russia-U.S. cooperation in several crucial regions and fields: economics, energy, the Arctic, Euro-Atlantic security, the Middle East, strategic stability, cybersecurity, and countering terrorism and extremism. The report offer concrete, actionable recommendations in each area. Contributors : Heather A. Conley, William Courtney, R. Kim Cragin, Lynn E. Davis, Ambassador James Dobbins, Suzanne Freeman, Andrei Korneyev, Sarah Ladislaw, ...


What Awaits Syria?

Terrorism Remains on the List of Problems and Will not Be Eradicated Any Time Soon Syria has suffered great damage after the years-long conflict. Regional and global actors’ joint efforts are required to root out terrorism, rebuild the economy and resolve a humanitarian crisis in the country. Today, almost all countries in the Middle East show interest in Russia’s involvement and view Moscow as the main partner capable of influencing the situation in the region. RIAC member Vitaly Naumkin shares his views on the prospects of reconstruction in Syria, telling what Russia’s policy in the Middle East will ...


Wars in the Name of Islam: What Comes Next?

... the area of total war? What will the Sunni and Shiite rivalry end in? How to defeat terrorism? — Vasily Kuznetsov, Director of the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies... ... Years’ Time» project with Gazeta.Ru. Do you know that the number of atheists in the Middle East is greater than, for example, in Latin America or in Southeast Asia? It... ... will be resolved on the basis of socio-economic and political factors. What should Russia do in the Middle East? Proposals on Building a Regional Security System in West...


Recruiting Foreign Terrorist Fighters and Dealing with Returnees: European Experience and the Prospects for Russia

... according to data published by the security services of various nations, as well as by leading research centres across the globe. Particular attention is paid to assessments of the situation regarding terrorists leaving, and then coming back to Europe, Russia and Central Asian countries; the link between migration and the recruitment of terrorists; and an analysis of the most common factors driving recruitment. This paper also includes a review of methods used by other countries to combat the recruitment ...


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