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Russia's vaccine can help Latin America, but faces obstacles

... and further test the vaccine and make it available worldwide later this year could help mediate the public health crisis in Latin America, which, with the United States and  India ranks as one of the three major Covid hotspots. In the Arab world, where ... ... As of 30 August, Bolivia's neighbor Argentina has 401,239 cases and 8,353 deaths. Chile has 408,008 cases and 11,181 deaths, Mexico has 571,712 cases and 63,819 deaths, Colombia has 599,884 cases and 19,063 deaths, Peru has 629,961 cases and 28,471 deaths and Brazil has 3,846,193 cases and 120,262 deaths. By contrast, the United States has 5,92,402 cases and 183,020 deaths. Indonia has ...


India and Latin America: When a Rising Power and an Emergent Growth Pole Engage

... challenge goes with the understood modern-day politico-diplomatic terrain of striking delicate balances across competitive axes, something that India has found itself fraught with, as in having to manage a comprehensive Strategic Partnership with powerhouse Brazil, dovetailed with potentially productive engagements with juxtaposing Argentina, Mexico, and the ilk. While no longer being lackadaisical, India’s view of Latin America still seems beset, by whimsicality and flippancy, and would do well to draw on certain instructive lessons, on how its inevitable peer competitor China, trenchantly cultivates the region. Victoria Panova: BRICS Summit: A Blessing in Disguise ...


El Comercio names the senior Peruvian politicians involved in big Odebrecht scandal

... this writing, it is still too early to present a list of pretenders and contenders in Brazil's presidential derby, which could easily morph into a Japan-style Kabuki theatre... ... standing in "tracking polls."The success of U.S. policy to "realign" Latin America that started with a $10 billion investment in Plan Colombia in 1999 is... ... evidenced by the fact that the Amazon is the new Rio Grande, and that Washington treats Mexico as a "lesser" (Trump's view).Washington under Trump views its southern...


Fighting the Routine and Thirsting for Innovation. The Economy of Latin American Countries

... st century, since today, the large players on the food markets (both exporters and importers) have the same opportunities to influence the global economy and politics as the producers and consumers of fuel and mineral resources. [9] Both traditional Latin American food exporters (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay and Ecuador, among others) and countries for whom it is a relatively new export (Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru and Chile) are participants in the “food race.” [10] At the same time, manufactured goods are given priority in the region’s ...


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