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We Do Not Want Western Balkans to Become an Arena of Geopolitical and Geo-Economic Confrontation

... NATO, another matter lacking consensus in local regions’ societies, adds fuel to the flames. In 21 st century such methods of building political alliances, having nothing to do with democracy, are not only unacceptable, but dangerous. Situation in Kosovo (especially in the north) remains explosive and needed to be addressed on the basis of UNSCR 1244. The reaction of respective players (EU among them) on Pristina provocations, resulting with injures to the civilians, should be unambiguous and openly ...


A ‘Patriotic Heretic’ Favoring Renewal of U.S.-Russian Détente

... Bucharest Declaration, members concurred that the alliance “welcomes Ukraine’s and Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations for membership ... [and] these countries will become members of NATO.” [ 28 ] On war in Syria, regime change in Libya, and Kosovo’s independence Cohen writes that a U.S.-Russia détente also died in Syria, where the two largely failed to cooperate to defeat Islamist extremist forces. And while some American politicians (such as Hillary Clinton) were promoting a logical ...


CIA National Intelligence Estimates on the Cross-Strait and Sino-Russian Relations

... the entire Balkans and the Black Sea by recognizing new countries or refusing to recognize them (eg. Abkhazia) and destabilize the European continent. The CIA analysis thus lays the foundations for the Chinese strategy regarding the non-recognition of Kosovo ( de jure a part of Serbia before partial recognition in 2008) to weaken the West, and at the same time the non-recognition of Abkhazia, Transnistria, South Ossetia to weaken Russian, and the non-recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh to weaken Armenia....


Southeast Europe Today. Immediate Development Prospects

... unpredictable stance of Washington, Podgorica, suffering from economic difficulties and shaken by political scandals, has been actively trying to smooth its relations with Moscow in recent months, sending it friendly signals. Re-energized talks on the Kosovo problem also play a role in stabilizing the situation in the Balkans. EU attempts to achieve a rapprochement between Belgrade and Pristina in 2018 failed. However, this development created an important foundation for further endeavours in this ...


One in 300 Million. Serbia After Putin

... statements about TurkStream, the 21 agreements that will be worth a total of 660 million euros in the future (five of which are concerned with providing electricity to Serbian cities) and the Russian leader’s assertion that the “the resolution of the Kosovo issue should be handled by Belgrade and Pristina, but within the framework of UN Security Council Resolution 1244.” The following outlines what may at first appear to be the main results of Putin’s visit to Belgrade. A Tie Putin’s visit ...


Possible International “Package Solution” Formats on the Balkans Issue

... Europe on an equal footing or very close to being equal. However, in the context of the recent developments, this scenario is considered to be the most rational one for the Balkan states themselves. Ekaterina Entina, Dejan Novakovic: Negotiations on Kosovo 2019 — Opportunities and Limitations for Russia Long-term Scenario of a “Package” Settlement The “spontaneous” territorial organization designed for the Balkan peoples did not bode well with them. Some representatives of the local establishment ...


Negotiations on Kosovo 2019 — Opportunities and Limitations for Russia

How could Russia get a leading role in final resolution of the Balkan issues? In early 2018, negotiations on Kosovo seemed to be progressively moving towards their final stage. Brussels, in its turn, triumphantly reported on some kind of a decision (never actually been publicly presented), which by the end of the year would have allowed to reach a final settlement....


Bosnia and Kosovo: the Balkan forges of the European Jihad

The rising of jihadism in the Balkans represents a big security problem for all the European and Mediterranean community: different estimations show that Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo are two of the main centers of recruitment of foreign fighters directed to Syria, who are joining the ranks of the so-called Islamic State. A 2014 estimation made by CIA identifies Bosnia as the primary departure location of the jihadists from ...


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