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20-year Cooperation Treaty between Iran and Russia: Bilateral Strategic Partnership or Disappointing Agreement

... reaction from the United States yet again, and such a reaction has already been the case with the 25-year cooperation document between Iran and China. Since the United States basically seeks political and economic isolation of Iran, any cooperation of Iran with any country is in violation of this policy in Washington. The White House has sought to weaken Iran’s economy over the past few years by pursuing a policy of “maximum pressure.” For this reason, any loophole to get out of this situation undermines this ...


Post-COVID-19 Sanctions Policies

... threatened by crippling fines imposed by US regulators. These fears were well founded. According to the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), the US Treasury imposed fines on 43 EU companies over the past 10 years for working in various jurisdictions under the sanctions (deals with Iran are the most common occurrence). This is relatively few compared to 215 companies that were fined by the US Treasury, of which 142 were US-based. However, of the total amount of $5.657 billion worth of fines, the Europeans paid $4.677 billion, or ...


As Women Make up Only 6% of Parliament, Gender Equality Is Still a Long Way off in Iran

... these women represent views of the major groups of people and especially different groups of women in Iran. The actual problem is not only the low number of female MPs in the Islamic Parliament of Iran. Per the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran , in order to run for parliamentary elections, all candidates have to be qualified beforehand by an appointed entity of the Guardian Council of the Constitution. In the recent election, alongside thousands of registrants’ disqualifications , a significant number ...


The Answer to West Asia’s Recurring Wars Is Greater Regional Security Dialogue and Ownership

... trigger the Agreement’s dispute resolution mechanism only a couple of days later. Tehran has interpreted this step as European capitulation to Washington’s maximum pressure policy. It has warned that should the file be referred to the UN Security Council, Iran will not only abandon the JCPOA, but will also consider exiting the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. The JCPOA—a key pillar of the international non-proliferation architecture and regional security in West Asia— now hangs by ...


A Scenario in Syria

... then they have now, backed by Iran. Very probably, Hamas and Iran will be able long-term to manage the situation and over years bleed-out the IDF here. Hamas and Iranian soldiers with similar skills like Hamas. No air force needed for Hamas and the Iranian units, they’ll take the pounding from above, but will not be defeated on the ground. They need short and mid-range missiles to fight Israel, and they have plenty of those. Would that be possible? Yes. Though nothing is sure in war, it could very likely ...


U.S. Sanctions against Iran: Background and Possible Consequences

... more, exerting sanctions pressure on such major buyers carried political risks for Washington. In this particular arrangement, everyone emerged victorious – everyone, that is, except the United States. Asian consumers got oil at a significant discount and Iran kept its markets, compensating losses with the high oil prices. And it was here that the “carrot” envisioned by the IFCA came in handy for the Americans. Two dozen major consumers of Iranian oil had the sanctions on them lifted in exchange for ...


The aggravation of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has a pernicious effect on international stability

... state and prospects of the Iranian ballistic missile program. Therefore, unfortunately, it is not yet possible to fully integrate Iran into the international community, and there is a fundamental difference between Russia and the United States. If the United States regards Iran as the main factor of instability in the region, then Russia understands that without Iran stability in the Middle East is impossible and the republic should remain an important participant in any agreements in the region. Iran participates in the ...


Crowdfunding with the enemy

... Congress objected to the project and were able to eliminate its budget. No longer protected by his old friend defense secretary Don Rumsfeld, rear admiral Poindexter retired from DARPA in 2003. Earlier, Poindexter was convicted of masterminding the guns-for-drugs scam that became known as "Iran Contra." and was subsequently pardoned by president Ronald Reagan. But the legacy of the Policy Analysis Market lives on today as "world powers" engage in of "Crowdfunding With The Enemy."


Interview with Italian magazine Limes, published on February 4, 2016

Question: Who has provoked the Ukrainian crisis? Was Moscow aware of the geopolitical, economic and reputational price it would have to pay for Crimea’s reunification with Russia? Do you think it was too high in the context of Russian-Ukrainian relations? Is there a lasting solution to the Ukrainian crisis? Sergey Lavrov: The Ukrainian crisis was not incidental, but rather the result of systemic problems ...


The smog of war

... the "Top 20" Most Polluted Cities" list developed by the WHO. .Pakistan has 3, Turkey, Qatar, Bangladesh and Iran each have one on the list. Ironically, western business media has been buzzing up India as the "rockstar" of ... ... that now have the nation growing faster than China. But some in the west opine that governability issues indicate that time is running out for "Modinomics." It is "politically incorrect" and suggestive of preconceptions to discuss ...


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