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The Syrian Conflict: Russian and GCC Perspectives

... confrontation in Syria between the Syrian regime and the radical opposition represents, together with the actions of the “Islamic State” (IS), the main military-political crisis in the Middle East today. It has also become one of the most acute ... ... world powers. The leading countries of NATO and the European Union (EU), Russia, China and key regional states – Turkey, Iran, Israel, the GCC members and the Arabic countries neighboring Syria - have all focused their attention on the Syrian conflict....


Russia ready to assist Iraq in fight on Daesh

... think in the upcoming few days or weeks Iraq will be forced to ask Russia to launch airstrikes and that depends on their success in Syria,” said Hakim al-Zamili, who chairs Iraq’s parliamentary committee on defense and security. Source: IRAN DAILY


Will There Be an Alliance against the Islamic State?

... Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani held on April 20, 2015, during which they agreed to share intelligence information, testifies to the enhanced efforts of the international community in the fight against the Islamic State (IS). Iran has been actively involved in this struggle since mid-2014: the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is fighting against militants of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria and Iraq. Thanks to the IRGC’s assistance, Iraqi Shiites and Kurds have ...


The Third Crusade

....S. Navy carrier-based jet fighters struck Islamic State artillery units near Erbil, marking the start of a new war. That is not quite the case, of course. The second horseman of the Apocalypse has not left these lands at least from the start of the Iran–Iraq war in 1980. Only the protagonists change (with the exception of Iraq itself). The new force is the Islamic State of Iraq, a terrorist group that sprang up in Iraq and achieved success in the civil war in Syria, success that enabled it to reformat itself, expand and get a new name – the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) – and make ...


U.S.-Iranian Policy in Iraq: Distrust Vs Interests

... lack of trust between Tehran and Washington. Both countries blame each other (and not without reason) for trying to exploit the situation in Iraq to the detriment of the other side. And this is despite the fact that, strategically, (putting the U.S.-Iranian conflict aside) an Islamic State victory in Iraq poses a threat not only to Iran but to the United States too. If the Islamic State is victorious, radicalism is likely to spread across the U.S.-allied monarchies of the Gulf and Jordan. That is why, if Washington does not ...


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