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Lennart Meri Conference discusses the new normal in Europe

On May 13-15, 2016 Tallinn hosted the 10 th Anniversary Lennart Meri Conference (LMC), an annual commemorative event for the late President of Estonia (1992-2001). In ten years, the Conference has become one of the most representative European forums for discussing development and security issues of the continent. This year’s LMC entitled “Shaping the New Normal” focused on the impact of the Ukrainian factor, migration crisis, rise of populism, acute financial problems ...


Andrey Kortunov speaks at 2BS Forum in Montenegro

... the auspices of the Government of Montenegro, took place in Budva, Montenegro, on May 5-7, 2016. The Forum is one of the major international platforms for discussing the most important dilemmas in the field of security in the Balkans and South East Europe (SEE), as well as in Europe as a whole. This year, the main focus of the discussions was on the issues of combating terrorism, political radicalism, and of managing migration flows in and around Europe. Particular attention was paid to the possible ...


Russia and France: a Dialogue on Strategic Perspective

... for interacting with Moscow. The report insists on the need to approach Russia simultaneously along the tracks of containment and dialogue, with economic and force-based containment needed to make the Kremlin duly honor the opinions of Paris and other European capitals. At the same time, the isolation of Russia cannot be driven to the cutoff point, since otherwise no solutions could be found for acute problems and the climate would only worsen. In fact, the combination of containment cum dialogue ...


Snow is Still White in the Fields…Personal Notes on the Margins of the Munich Security Conference

... the West not to abandon Kiev in the face of the Russian Mordor. I got the impression that Ukrainian President’s English had improved greatly over the past year, but he had not changed the old “heroic” image of the champion of “European values”. Mikhail Saakashvili, who had visibly put on weight, was spotted again and again in the company of important Western politicians. However, the Ukrainians failed to generate anything like the former emotional pitch of discussions ...


RIAC at the 52nd Munich Security Conference

The 52 nd Munich Security Conference , which is the major and most representative global forum for the discussion of security policy, was held in Munich on February 12 to 14. The conference was attended by more than twenty heads of state and government, dozens of ministers of foreign affairs and of defense, as well as by hundreds of leading politicians, diplomats and experts. The Russian International Affairs Council was represented by Sergei Lavrov, its Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Russian...


Why the West, especially Europe, needs Russia

... and deter unacceptable Russian activity in Ukraine and elsewhere. Those who disregard the possibility of cooperation with Russia outright ought to consider the case of Iran. The Iranian nuclear deal is a significant achievement towards regional and international security, and it would not have been possible without support from the Russians. Ignoring the potential of cooperation with Russia on other critical issues facing Europe will only serve to weaken the Europeans’ own ability to tackle the most pressing challenges it faces. This article follows on from an earlier article explaining “ Why Russia Needs Europe ”, and is part of a wider project assessing ...


Speech at the Greater Europe Task Force Meeting, London

Meeting of the Task Force on Cooperation in Greater Europe, London, December 11, 2015. First of all, I’d like to express my gratitude to the ELN for organizing this meeting, and for their commitment to our joint project. I’m confident that the work of ELN – a truly unique organization ...


Roundtable “Dialogue on European Security Architecture”

On November 20, 2015, RIAC in cooperation with MGIMO University and Swiss Center for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD Center) held roundtable “Dialogue on European Security Architecture” focused on countering challenges and threats common for Russia and Europe, future of European institutions, and prospects for a new Russia-EU strategic partnership. The event was attended by Russian Public Chamber ...


Russian and European Experts Discuss Security at Riga Conference

... Eurasia, Dr. Makhmutov stressed the need for quality assessment of the current Russia-EU relationship, as well as for examination of the sides' perception of their niche, role and strategy in international affairs and ties with neighbor countries. The European stance was presented by Director of the European Leadership Network Ian Kearns, who spoke on the significance of relations with Russia for strengthening security and stability in Europe. Part two of the roundtable was devoted to Russia-EU cooperation ...


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