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China Missed the Industrial Revolution, But It Won’t Miss the Digital One

... average income. The population’s living standards have grown, reducing the country’s main competitive advantage - cheap labour - to naught. As a result, the only solution is to compete with developed economies and with their qualified personnel and innovations. To do so, the country needs a technological breakthrough. Artificial intelligence could play just such a part. The Chinese authorities hope artificial intelligence will help transform their economic growth model and expand geopolitical influence,...


Alexander Galitsky: It's a Matter of Trust

Interview with Founder of Almaz Capital Partners Founder of Almaz Capital Partners venture capital firm Alexander Galitsky answered our questions on the demise of the Internet and the challenges facing Russian technology companies. The interview was prepared for publication by RIAC Program Director Ivan Timofeev and RIAC correspondent Yaroslav Menshenin. Alexander, after the geopolitical events of 2014, Dauria Aerospace founder Mikhail Kokorich complained that foreign investments were disappearing...


Svetlana Kamaeva: “Russian Technologies for Export”

In an interview with RIAC, Transkor-K Research and Development Center CEO Svetlana Kamaeva shared her insights on the activities of this innovative company, on the triumphs of Russian technology, on what is missing in the interactions between business and the state, and on the need to hold an Innovation Olympics. The interview was prepared for publication by RIAC Program Director Ivan Timofeev and RIAC correspondent Yaroslav Menshenin. Svetlana Sergeyevna, recently Transkor-K completed a joint project...


Yaroslav Kuzminov: “University Is a Competitive Network Environment”

... creative people to create something new. If we look at the big breakthroughs – for example, the emergence of agriculture, when people started to cultivate the land rather than gather its fruits, or to breed animals rather than hunt them – the innovations were linked to a food crisis: innovations emerged as a result of one natural cataclysm or another, which forced people to survive on a smaller area of land. Other innovations also emerge: they are prompted by economic demands. If everything ...


Irina Dezhina: Beware of Poverty and Affluence

Doctor of Economics Irina Dezhina , Head of Group on Science and Industrial Policy at Skoltech Institute, met with RIAC Program Director Ivan Timofeev and Senior Analyst Yaroslav Menshenin of Skoltech Space Center to talk about Russia’s science policy. Dr. Dezhina, you once said that the experience of reforms to Russian science in the 1990s has shown that even if you begin to build something new, the old does not necessarily disappear. Moreover, a part of the new often adapts to the old, instead...


Dmitry Peskov: Invest in Advantages

... smartphones. I asked him what his job there was, and he answered “I go there several times a year and solve problems. They have their own scientific institute, and train specialists who are able to solve standard problems and even develop some innovations. However, when it comes to the next stage of increasing computer resolution, they are facing a physical problem that they cannot solve and they summon me. I come, solve the problem and leave.” Another strong feature of the Russian economy ...


Science, education and high-tech as points of common interest for Russia and the Republic of Korea

Science and technology as part of economic development Cooperation between Russia and the Republic of Korea in the field of science and technology is a key aspect of the overall relationship between the two nations. Both nations have placed a strong emphasis on this area of cooperation in light of the possibilities to synergize Russian fundamental research in the aviation and space technology, nuclear energy, etc. sectors with Korean technologies in robototechnics, electronics, car manufacturing...


Prospects for the EU-Russia Innovation Cooperation: the Russian-Finnish Experience

... enough. The motivation for innovation should emerge from bottom-up: you need to have grass-root players - innovative entrepreneurs who are interested in promoting innovation not as a sole goal but as part of their broader agenda. Another point is that innovations don’t appear when somebody just wants them, there should be a need for innovation. You have to have a force that is making companies to change their behavior. Innovations usually start not when there is an opportunity, rather when there ...


Andrey Kortunov at Innovation Conference

On July 4th, 2013 RIAC Director General Andrei Kortunov spoke at the opening of the inter-regional research-to-practice conference “Preparation and Creation of a Regional Innovation Cluster.” He focused on developing international ties of Russian innovative regions and universities, adopting foreign practices in creation of regional innovation clusters and optimizing mechanisms of international scientific, technological and innovation cooperation. The conference was attended by representatives of...


Economic Relations between Russia and the EU: In Search of a Common Vision

... innovation strategy is crucial for reinforcing the pragmatic tendency of European economic policy. Moreover, it offers opportunities to lower the level of politicization in Russia-EU relations on a significant number of issues, including that of energy. Innovations are a potential basis for changing the investment climate and developing economic interaction at a basic level. Current investments are highly disproportionate in character : with $240 billion of accumulated investments, the “tax heavens” ...


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