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Western Democracy Is on Trial, More than Any Time Since WWII

... and did nothing to prevent the onset of the greatest global financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression (barely managing to address it in time to prevent a... ... Since then, it has failed to effectively deal with conflict in Libya, Ukraine, and Syria, all within or near its periphery. The situation in Syria has led to refugee and... ... left and drives its people further to the right. The assault on democratic norms in Turkey by its government is far worse. Still worse in that region, the Arab Spring has...


Russia Reaping What It Sows in Syria: Putin Puts Russia on Path to Peril & Destabilizing Middle East; Downing Russian Plane by Turkey Latest Result

... Syria that he is prepared to use military means to secure them; if Putin would just deescalate in Ukraine and start focusing on ISIS in Syria, there is a very real chance that both sanctions relief could be on the table and that a final peace deal that removes Assad ... ... arms trade interests preserved. Yet if he continues down his current path, he risks destroying important relationships with Turkey and Europe, increased sanctions, a future Syria that will do everything it can to expel Russian influence and a Russian ...


Turkey: The Missing Link?

... days later, in Ceylanpinar, Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) activists killed two Turkish policemen whom they suspected of working with ISIS. The following day, on July 23, a skirmish between the Turkish army and jihadists on the border between Turkey and Syria resulted in the deaths of a Turkish soldier and an ISIS fighter, prompting an immediate and severe reaction from Ankara, which bombed ISIS positions from both ground and air. This marks the first time that the Turkish army has been involved in a direct cross-border confrontation with ISIS in Syria. All ...


In Time, Expect Big Changes in America's Middle East Relationships

... back to haunt us: though Joe Biden recently got in trouble for saying so, support for ISIS and other Islamic extremists and terrorists from very wealthy individuals motivated... ... the top recipients of U.S. foreign aid, Obama and Americans, as was/is the case in Syria and Iraq, seems to prefer a “don’t do stupid shit” (to quote... ... specific countries until they settle down. 3.) Things may go downhill with Israel and Turkey. I know what you’re thinking: Turkey is in NATO! And Israel, well, is...


Why independent Kurdistan is a part of Russian grand strategy

By Zhyldyz Oskonbaeva (RIEAS Senior Advisor & Eurasian Liaison) On a number of levels, the situation between the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the ethnic Kurds of Syria, Iraq and Turkey is creating a power shift that no one is discussing. In this article, I will explain why: 1) The Kurds have an unprecedented opportunity to achieve a political homeland; 2) Tehran's strategy of expanding Shia influence over the Sunnis is ...


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