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RIAC at Fourth International Blue Sky Conference (Budapest)

... collaboration with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and UNESCO, held the fourth international scientific and practical “Blue Sky Conference” on European transformation. The conference, brought together experts, diplomats, officials and public figures from Hungary and other European countries to discuss the current issues of the European continent. The conference participants touched upon the internal and external challenges to European democracy, the difficulties in the development of European institutions,...


Why the Double Standards?

... infringement proceedings against Poland because of an alleged breach of Article 7 of the Treaty on European Union. The offending object is Poland´s latest judicial reform. And the Commission is currently preparing for infringement proceedings against Hungary, also because of a purported undermining of the rule of law and a potentially serious breach of the values referred to in Article 2. The Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law ...


Migration and «Vortex of Change» in Europe Discussed in Hungary

On July 3, 2018, Kőszeg (Hungary) hosted a session “At the Intersection of Migration and Populist Politics” within XXIII International Summer University (ISU) "Europe in the Vortex of Change”. On July 3, 2018, Kőszeg (Hungary) hosted a session “At the Intersection ...


EU Migrant Crisis: A Blast From The Past

The European Union's top court has rejected a challenge by Hungary and Slovakia to a migrant relocation deal devised in 2015 The European Union's top court has rejected a challenge by Hungary and Slovakia to a migrant relocation deal devised in 2015. The European Court of Justice overruled their objections ...


Hungarian Uprising. 60 years on

... precarious and any pretext could spark mass unrest. The revolution was triggered by the reburial of Laszlo Rajk, a prominent Hungarian Communist politician, who fought in Spanish Civil war in 1937—1939 and then was a leader of the anti-fascist front in Hungary. While staying on the post of foreign minister L. Rajk was executed in 1949 on false charges of spying for Yugoslavia. The reburial had a great symbolic message because Matyas Rakosi was implicated in the death of Rajk having actually presided ...


A Glorious Defeat

On October 2, 2016, a fairly gloomy day for Hungary, the overwhelming majority of Hungarians voted against EU-imposed quotas on the number of migrants to be distributed across EU members. But with the turnout too low – the referendum would have been valid if at least 50% of the voters had ...


Visegrad Group Analysis in its Anniversary Year: Not Just Summing Up the Results

... of the Czech Republic and Poland spoke against the document, each putting forward arguments on different foundations . Now, as Brussels exerts pressure on Poland in response to the latter’s intention to revise several key pieces of legislation, Hungary, which had itself gone through a similar stage in its relations with the EU leadership, has resolved to vote against the Brussels-supported anti-Polish decisions. Thus, there is a growing trend within the region to jointly defend regional political ...


Ambassador of Hungary at RIAC

On November 30, 2015, RIAC President Igor Ivanov and Director General Andrey Kortunov received Hungarian Ambassador to Moscow Janos Balla. After Dr. Ivanov’s brief on activities of RIAC on European issues and potential for cooperation between Russian and European think tanks in the current political environment, the sides discussed interaction between Moscow and the Visegrad Group, as well as Russian-Hungarian relations.


Refugees in Hungary: Are the Suffering Splitting Europe Wide Open?

Migration is a Blow to Central and Eastern European Identity Hungary is under siege. Every day, thousands of refugees from Asia and Africa are crossing the border illegally. The country’s capital in the news reports on a daily basis against the backdrop of an ever worsening situation for the migrants, while ...


The Pentagon’s Compelling Arguments

... of the socialist bloc, is considering the possibility of taking the military and political confrontation with Russia to a new level. When information was leaked to the media in mid-July 2015 about the possible deployment of a U.S. military arsenal in Hungary, the Hungarian public had virtually no reaction whatsoever to this news. These reports were only published in one newspaper and have not been covered since by any other publications, as the dominant news topics of the day (and week) have been ...


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