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INDIA. The New Pivotal Role in Asia and Europe

The New Pivotal Role in Asia and Europe: Oil & Gas Likewise Industries, Energy, New Military Endeavors and Defence Strategies for New Delhi: by introducing integrated battle ... ... micro-satellite technologies to secure its borders, and allow transfer of encrypted communication security equipment from the US to India and the Canada partnering with India in maintenance aspects of the nuclear sector. To include: the Indian Army, Navy and ...


South Asian Gas Market: It’s Time to Mount an Offensive

... RIAC and Gateway House Report “Russia – India Energy Cooperation: Trade, Joint Projects, and New Areas” Qatar is the unconditional leader in gas supplies to South Asia. In 2004, it concluded an extremely lucrative contract to supply liquefied gas to India until 2029. The true value of this agreement to Qatar became apparent after the sharp drop in global oil prices. India became trapped in its own desire to save money. New Delhi had thought that tying the price of gas to the average oil price in ...


After Paris: Countries’ Paths into the Low-Carbon Future

... years. Thus the gap between declarations and reality should be gradually overcome; still, even now the countries should be more ambitious in their plans to limit the emissions. The report considers in great detail the contributions of the EU, the US, India, Japan, and Saudi Arabia, that is, of the countries whose policies will largely determine the future of the oil and gas market. It is important that the Paris agreement did not make a single state radically alter its development strategy, since all of them had begun moving toward a low-carbon future even before the Paris conference, even though each was doing it at ...


The TAPI project: Turkmenistan’s bet in pipeline geopolitics

... bypassing both the Russian route and concurring with the Iran-Pakistan pipeline. In April 2012, disagreements between India and Afghanistan, and India and Pakistan on transit fees, slowed down the process again. The Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India Natural Gas pipeline (TAPI) is planned to be 1,814 km long, with 214 km running through Turkmenistan from Galkynysh — the gas field in Mary province estimated to be the second largest in the world— to Fazilka, in the Indian state of Punjab, 774 km ...


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