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RIAC and Institut Montaigne Discussed JCPOA and Regional Policy of Iran

On September 22, 2021, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) with the Institut Montaigne (France) held a closed workshop “JCPOA and Regional Policies of Iran: Visions from Russia and France”. The goal of the meeting was to find a commonality between the positions of Russia and France on key issues related to Iranian issues On September 22, 2021, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) with the Institut Montaigne (France) ...


RIAC and Institut Montaigne Hold Gulf Security Meeting

... Politics, History and International Relations at the University of Nottingham (Malaysia); and Ruslan Mamedov, RIAC Program Manager. France was represented at the meeting by Ardavan Amir-Aslani, Lawyer at Cohen Amir-Aslani law firm; Bassma Kodmani, Co-Founder ... ... region and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on regional conflicts. Particular attention was paid to the dynamics of the U.S.-Iran relations and the motives of the two states in implementing their policies in the region. The discussion also touched upon ...


Onslaught of French Diplomacy

... situation even despite the existing resolutions of the UN Security Council and universal denunciation of US unilateral moves. It is necessary to look for compromise with due account of Mike Pompeo’s 12 items that are unlikely to disappear any time soon. France forwarded a proposal that does not sound unequivocal but is quite suitable for discussion and bargaining: the JCPOA must be maintained but talks must be started on other major issues, for example Iran’s ballistic missiles. Tehran was told that it could receive loans for future oil purchases. In short, Macron had carrots for everyone. Paris promised to maintain the deal for Brussels; consider US demands for Washington; provide finances for the ...


Helping Iran to Make the Right Choice

... settlement, state-building in Iraq, civil war in Yemen or political dynamics in Lebanon —, Iran remains the big elephant in the room. Its impact on the region is profound, multifaceted and controversial. The predominant view in the West in general and in France in particular is that Iran is more part of the problem than it is part of the solution. Of course, Iran’s friends and partners, including Russia, argue the opposite. All these disagreements notwithstanding, the broad international consensus is that it is impossible to kick ...


Sanctions for the Violation of Sanctions: Businesses on US Treasury Radar

... Countermeasures” In 2018, the French bank Societe Generale agreed to pay the US Treasury the highest fine, almost $54 million. The Treasury accused the French bank of conducting over a thousand transactions that violated the sanctions regime against Cuba, Iran and Sudan worth $5.5 billion during 2007-2012. The American regulator also established a number of aggravating circumstances including some of bank employees’ awareness of possible violations of the US sanctions, ignoring “alarm signals” (such ...


Brexistentialism for useful innocents

... by Fox News, by Garry Kasparov writing in The Guardian, and by former U.S. Ambassador Micheal McFaul. Not a very good trust builder for two nations who have pledged to work together to combat extremism. Existentialism, a product of Nazi-occupied France In fact, academic existentialism did not evolve into an “ism” (or an “academic brand”) until 1944, in Nazi-occupied France. It emerged because Hitler's censors are known to have overlooked works by the likes of ...


The smog of war

... about a third of the world economy by 2020. The G7 countries – Germany, the United States, Japan, Great Britain, Canada, France and Italy – will account for just over 40%.” But it is the major economies who are stuck paying the full tab.... ... the "Top 20" Most Polluted Cities" list developed by the WHO. .Pakistan has 3, Turkey, Qatar, Bangladesh and Iran each have one on the list. Ironically, western business media has been buzzing up India as the "rockstar" of ...


The Third Crusade

... Iraqi capital of Erbil and won the gruelling battle for Kobani, and Iraqi government troops have stopped the offensive with Iran’s help. But the terrorists are still in control of a vast area. The opponents of ISIS display staunchness when fighting ... ... and Australia. ISIS has already struck at “the rear” by staging high-profile terrorist attacks in Great Britain, France and Canada and even in Australia, which until recently seemed far removed from radical Islam. Among their latest “exploits” ...


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