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Terror in Paris: Time to Think, & Sit Down, Shutup to the Ideologues

... react to this horrific terrorist attack—one following on the verily likely terrorist downing of a Russian airliner in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula—it is important to take a breath. This could very well lead to massive escalation in Syria by France (and maybe Russia, in relation to the airliner attack) and maybe even by others if it turns out ISIS had something to do with it; Yemen could be a focus if the attack involves the al-Qaeda affiliate operating there. Whatever moves are made, it is important to keep a clear head and ask what the likely results are to be of any such escalation, whether ...


Charlie Hebdo: Take a Side

... individual. But underestimating the threat, along with other symptoms of the coming storm, inevitably lead to this day of reckoning. Homeland Security with White Gloves Indeed, the alarming signals were all there under everybody's eyes. France itself can count two copycat car attacks on its territory, whose authors were Islamic extremists, but the authorities quickly minimized the importance of those events. Moreover, Europe has been the theater of a long list of pro-ISIS parades. Many participants were long date Europe's residents. But instead of taking a hard stance against those, the European governments rushed to stress profusely that Islam is a religion of peace. It is unclear why condemning the supporters ...


The Conference in Paris and the Experience of the Swiss Meetings

An attempt to move beyond the traditional system of high-level meetings A high-level international conference on the situation in Iraq is taking place today in France, discussing cooperation in the fight against the fundamentalist militants of the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”. The importance of this event can scarcely be exaggerated: it’s not just about the fate of the long-suffering ...


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