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Changes in Afghanistan: Regional and International Implications

... problem of possible spillover of political and social instability of Afghanistan will also continue to be major concern for neighboring regions. As Afghanistan has moved from a secular to a religious state, an emerging question is whether religious extremism could be politicized and institutionalized. That might be true if radical factions within the Taliban dominate. The fear is also coming from the memories of the Taliban when they first came to power in 1996. It will take time for the Taliban ...


New York University Abu Dhabi (UAE) Holds Discussion on Extremism and Violence

On April 1, 2019, an international conference on extremism and violence in and around the Middle East started in Abu Dhabi (UAE). The event was organized by the United States National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM, USA), and the New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD, United ...


Between Pancasila and Islam: Indonesia’s Soft Power Challenge

... more widely is still neglected. There are opportunities for Indonesia to take on a more prominent role in the Southeast Asia for its economic and demographic potential. Indonesia’s soft power problem: Islamic radicalism Natalia Rogozhina: Islamic Extremism in Southeast Asia Indonesia’s soft power issues are connected with the radical Islamism and terrorism, affecting the country’s image worldwide. Indonesia is losing the public diplomacy battle because of the Islamic radicalization. Several ...


Europe’s Attempts to Understand Online Extremism

Discussing leading counter-extremism experts at Vox-Pol conference in Amsterdam Extremist and terrorist groups make heavy use of the existing online platforms and services (or create their own) in order to recruit new followers around the world. Easy access to the Internet ...


Islamic State after ISIS. Colonies without Metropole or Cyber Activism?

... global temperatures is already having a measurable negative impact on food production, desertification, sea-level rise, and other factors that contribute to the destabilization of the economies of entire regions. Such trends fuel militancy, political extremism, wars, and mass migrations of populations, all of which are serious threats to the stability of the international system. Solving this global problem will require increased and prolonged cooperation on the political, economic, and security/intelligence ...


The Lessons of Islamic State

... painful and unpredictable transformation of the system of international relations, as the new world order acquires its tentative shape, Islamism, including its radical and extremist branches, is becoming of one of the informal poles of power. Islamic extremism will go full circle. Having failed to preserve Islamic State, extremists will focus on punishing their “offenders” by returning to the methods previously employed by al-Qaeda. “Lone wolves” will also become more active, and the tactics ...


AQIS & ISIS approaches in India

... to be instrumental to ISIS’s activities in logistical procurement. The arrest of Mehndi Masroor Biswas, a technocrat associated with a US multinational in India, further highlights the focus ISIS has on India for its propaganda activities. Islamic Extremism in South-East Asia However, nations such as the USA, Russia and France have increased their military pressure againt ISIS, the terrorist organization has dramatically altered its strategies in India. After the ISIS cell led by Muhammad Iliyas ...


Russia and the West: How to Deal with the Threat of Extremism

OSCE member countries — the most powerful military nations — are hard put to keep the growing terrorist pressure in check. Why is that happening? The threat of terrorism and extremism will undoubtedly be among the priorities on the agenda of the upcoming NATO summit in Brussels. The organization’s members justly consider terrorism to be one of the most formidable challenges. Many of them have fallen victim to terrorist ...


The UN at the crossroads

... burgeoning refugee situation (including Brexit) will cost more than the $30 trillion outgoing UN secretary-general Ban is trying to crowdfund in an effort to save the planet from "global warming." Refugee camps are a breeding ground for extremism that often can sometimes be mediated only via hard power solutions. Recent revelations that, over the past several years, senior Nigerian military officers have been selling arms to Boko Haram are a case in point. In today's competitive,...


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