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Crisis Management in Europe in the Context of Events in Ukraine

... International Affairs Council, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia) (Task Force Co-Chair); Özdem Sanberk Director of the International Strategic Research Organisation, former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Turkey) (Task Force Co-Chair); Paul Quilès Former Defence Minister and former President of the Defence and Armed Forces Committee of the National Assembly (France); Hervé Morin Former Defense Minister and Leader of the New Center party (France); ...


The 4th International Neighborhood Symposium Held in Istanbul

... South”, t he event gathered young foreign affairs experts and scholars from Russia represented by RIAC Program Assistant Anna Kuzmina, the United States, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Turkey, Iran, Palestine, Israel, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan and other countries. Opened by Dimitrios Triantaphyllou, Director of the Center for International and European Studies, the event was composed of two parts, the first presenting a series ...


Does Turkey Need Greater Europe?

... response to Turkey’s membership application: Not just a weighing of costs and benefits. Journal of European Integration , 29(4), pp.494-495 8 . Jorgensen Knud Erik, LaGro Esra. Conclusions and Perspectives: Whither Turkey’s Accession? In: Turkey and the European Union. Ed. by LaGro Esra and Knud Erik Jorgensen. UK: Palgrave, 2007, p.222 9 . Sakwa Richard. Russia and Turkey: Rethinking Europe to Contest Outsider Status. Russia/NIS Centre, Ifri, Paris, 2010, p.18 10 . İçener Erhan (2007) Privileged ...


It is Time to Pursue a Cooperative Greater Europe

... and institutions in the region to describe their vision of what the future should look like. Several states, such as Ukraine, Turkey and the countries of the Caucasus have distinct perspectives and reject the notion of a binary division between the EU ... ... crude oil imports and 30 percent of coal imports come from Russia. In turn, the share of oil, gas and coal deliveries to the European Union accounts for 80 percent, 70 percent and 50 percent (respectively) of Russian energy exports. Thus, energy interaction ...


Prospects of the EU enlargement: temptations and calculations

... Turkey’s EU membership has been tacitly recognized as impossible by the both sides. Namely this can be an explanation of a dramatic change in Turkish foreign policy conduct and rhetoric over the last two or three years. Moderate Islamic government of Turkey has obviously given up its quest to “please” the European Union and made the stake on consolidating its own personality in the international arena. Thus, the EU antagonized Turkey, and reduced its influence both on Ankara’s policy and on the situation in the region in general. It is difficult to determine ...


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