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What to Do with Extraterritorial Sanctions? EU Responses

... from extraterritorial US sanctions. The work on them was carried out by both European expert centres and the European Commission . Currently, we can talk about the formation of a number of strategic goals, the achievement of which should allow the European Union to increase its stability in relation to extraterritorial sanctions of the United States and other countries. Such goals include the following: Strengthening the role of the euro in international settlements. Already today, the euro ranks second after the dollar in international payments and reserves. However,...


The EU as a Significant Initiator of Sanctions

... sanctions are the result of a common European foreign policy. The very fact of their use symbolises the unity of the EU, even when it comes to purely symbolic measures. Ivan Timofeev: A State or a Person? Who Are the ‘Smart Sanctions’ Against? The European Union’s sanctions are unilateral restrictions. In other words, Brussels introduces them, bypassing the UN Security Council. Presently, the UN Security Council is the only legitimate source of international restrictions. Independent actions by states and international ...


Thirteen Points on Joe Biden and Russia

... back in 2017. On the other hand, with Republicans in control of the Senate, Joe Biden will be significantly constrained in what he can do in foreign policy, the Russian dimension included. Capitol Hill will be in a position to play an active role in sanctions policy toward Russia, in the modernization of US nuclear forces, in limiting White House autonomy in matters like the JCPOA or in decisions related to the US military presence abroad. The influence of the legislative power on US-Russian relations ...


Sanctions: Risk for Russian and International Business. 2020 Results and 2021 Perspectives

The conference was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Interfax Group, Russian and foreign companies, as well as leading Russian experts on sanctions policy On December 11, 2020, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), together with Interfax Group , with the support of X-Compliance , held an annual conference on sanctions risks for Russian and international business: 2020 results ...


RIAC at University of Strasbourg Sanctions Conference

Vladimir Morozov, RIAC Program Manager, and Yulia Timofeeva, RIAC Program Assistant, spoke at the event On December 9, 2020, RIAC took part in a conference on the sanctions factor in relations between Russia and the European Union, organized by the University of Strasbourg. Vladimir Morozov, RIAC Program Manager, and Yulia Timofeeva, RIAC Program Assistant, spoke at the event. The presentation outlined the general state of relations between Russia and the EU, as ...


U.S. and European Sanctions on Syria

... not? At present, President Donald Trump’s administration views continued aggressive sanctions on Syria as strongly in the U.S. national interest and thus appears substantially more likely to escalate sanctions on Syria than to consider options for sanctions relief. The European Union Council has broad discretion to lift EU sanctions on Syria with the agreement of all EU member states; in practice, agreement between major EU powers tends to secure European Union-wide agreement on sanctions matters. In addition, European ...


Don’t Expect Sanctions to Stop Nord Stream II

The story so far and why it’s time to let go Republican Senator Ted Cruz has become the principal Sisyphus-like character to take over the task of rolling the boulder of sanctions against Nord Stream II. The last four years have seen tumultuous U.S. sanctioning efforts against the project and have epitomized an outdated, stale, and dangerous policy against the Russian Federation that should be re-prioritized and established ...


Is China Following Russia's Footsteps by Dealing With the EU as an Outcast?

... relations have been in free fall since China was labeled as “strategic rival” of the EU Russia’s relations with the European Union hit their lowest in 2014, as a direct result of the political gridlock in Ukraine. Russia's subsequent involvement ... ... Airlines flight MH17, led to a political outcry in the EU. The main tool applied by the EU to reprehend Russia was economic sanctions and restrictions targeted at Russian officials and individuals. In order to overcome political stalemate, all the concerned ...


The Caesar Act: A New Challenge for Syria?

... before the political settlement of the Kurdish problem had been achieved. The EU’s Stance on the Caesar Act Much will depend on the stance that Europe takes on the Caesar Act, and this is a complicated matter. In May, Brussels once again extended its sanctions against Syria for another year. On the other hand, Europe is debating adjusting its approaches to the Syrian reconstruction effort. The German expert Muriel Asseburg notes that the European Union’s consolidated standing is eroded by differences between the United Kingdom, Germany and France on the one hand, as they favour preserving the hard-line approach, and Austria, Hungary, Italy and Poland on the other, as they are ready ...


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