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The Russians Love Their Children Too

... first paragraphs of the Minsk Agreements; partly, they need to be re-negotiated. This is a long and difficult path for all the parties concerned, but only after embarking on this path can one reach larger and more ambitious tasks regarding the future of European security. This will also make it possible to finally exclude even a hypothetical prospect of a major armed conflict in the center of Europe, as hardly anyone will emerge its absolute winner. First published in GlobalBrief .


Igor Ivanov’s Remarks at the Federal Academy for Security Policy

... deployment of elements of the U.S. missile defence system in Europe. Russia repeatedly suggested developing that system together. The American side rejected all of our proposals. The same happened in 2008 when Russia proposed starting joint work on a European Security Treaty that would make it possible to create a single, undivided Euro-Atlantic security space. Our western partners did not even see the point in considering the draft Treaty Russia had submitted. Therefore, we need to decide what we ...


Security Radar 2019 Presentation Held at RIAC

On April 18, 2019, Russian International Affairs Council hosted the presentation of Security Radar 2019 research, implemented by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Vienna. On April 18, 2019, Russian International Affairs Council hosted the presentation of Security Radar 2019 research, implemented by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Vienna. The research analyzes the results of two surveys: a public opinion poll on security, as well as a survey in the form of individual interviews with security...


A European Response to US Withdrawal from the INF Treaty

... intention to withdraw the United States from the 1987 US-Russia Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) calls into question not only the fate of this pivotal accord but also the future of nuclear arms control, with potentially grave consequences for European security. The INF treaty may indeed have been violated. And it may be anachronistic. But it is symbolic of great power cooperation on nuclear risks and it has been a stabilising force in Europe’s security over the past three decades. Europe ...


Taking a New Look at Nuclear Peace

Key points at first. Nuclear weapons, if they are ever to be used, are unspeakable evil, but their existence saved the world during the Cold War and is saving it now as the previous two global systems—the bipolar one (which died, but there have been attempts to revive it) and the “unipolar moment” (which is fast winding down now)—are simultaneously falling apart. These two processes have coincided with breathtakingly rapid changes in the balance of power on the global economic and political scene...


Managing Differences on European Security in 2015

... Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, and Igor Ivanov, the president of Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and former Foreign Minister of Russia, in an effort to keep the dialogue open and frank at a challenging time for European security. Not surprisingly, as events in Ukraine unravelled the post-Cold War security order, it proved impossible to narrow the differences and develop a common, action-oriented approach to the challenge of rebuilding the European security order....


Threats to European security discussed in Helsinki

... Affairs and the Visegrad Fund , took place in Helsinki on 23 March, 2015. Researchers and analysts from Russian and European research centres took part in the event. The discussion was built around issues concerning the influence of the Ukraine crisis on European security through the prism of the policy of the Nordic countries, the post-Soviet area, Russia and the countries of the Visegrad Group. The Russian International Affairs Council was represented at the meeting by Ivan Timofeev, its Program Director....


Russia, Turkey and the Vision of Greater Europe

... capital, natural resources and investment opportunities that could give a boost to the stagnant EU economies. Russia and Turkey are also natural gateways to other regions and other markets that Europe can explore. Finally, one cannot seriously discuss the European security without Russia and Turkey – if our two countries are not a part of the equation, the eastern and the southern EU borders remain chronically instable. In my view, the time has come to start working together on a new European – ...


European Security Space: the Problem with Ukraine

... two poles – the integrating West that could not incorporate Russia, and Russia itself, eager to create an independent pole equal to the West in political terms. In reality, this controversy is still significantly affecting the development of the European Security System (ESS). Now and then, the potential for conflict continues to plague political crises between Russia and the West, at the same time pushing both sides to search for less confrontational ways to overcome their differences. The growing ...


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    U.S. wants to establish partnership relations with Russia on condition that it meets the U.S. requirements  
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    U.S. wants to establish alliance relations with Russia under the US conditions to rival China  
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