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Green Energy in Russia: Window-dressing, Protectionism or Genuine Decarbonisation?

Towards a functioning regulatory framework for renewable energy in Russia? The promotion of renewable energy sources in the Russian Federation has been discussed at the highest political levels since the 1990s. Although good progress has been made towards the creation of a framework for developing renewable energy, important problems remain. In 2014, Russia is still without a functioning support scheme that could stimulate the large-scale deployment of clean energy sources. Various different laws...


Azerbaijan – US relations based on the Energy Card

The collapse of the Soviet Union created both a new political reality and geographical borders in the region. The South Caucasus has drawn attention from regional powers such as Russia, Iran and Turkey and external powers such as the US and Europe, while a political vacuum created by the fall of the USSR madethe newly independent Caucasus nations to look for new allies in the West. However, the newly gained independence of these nations has been marred by economic and political chaos.The Caucasus...


Mongolia: Bright Prospects for Dynamic Growth

Reasons for Increased Interest in Mongolia Having remained, for decades, on the back burner of international affairs, Mongolia has lately been attracting attention and interest on the part of the international community, policy-makers, political scientists, economists, businessmen and the mass media. The Russian media carried a number of stories with controversial assessments of processes currently under way in the neighbouring friendly country. ( 1 , 2 , 3 ) The World Bank, International Monetary...


Russia’s Energy Pivot to Asia

The centre of gravity in energy markets is shifting East The rate of energy consumption in the Asia-Pacific region has significantly increased over the last 10–15 years. Energy resources are playing an ever more important role in speeding up economic growth in Asia making it the most dynamically developing and high potential energy market in the world. There are growing energy demands involving new non-traditional categories of stocks. As estimated, Asia Pacific region will provide most of...


Armed Conflict in Syria and its Implications for the World Oil and Gas Market

Syria on Global Oil Market The mass protests that started in Syria in March 2011 have grown into an armed conflict, and the escalating violence was followed by the imposition of additional sanctions on Syria. In summer 2013 the situation worsened as a result of a chemical attack in suburban Damascus. While some countries’ leaders called for military intervention in the Syrian conflict, Russia proposed establishing international control over Syria’s chemical weapons. The international...


Russian-Chinese Energy Competition in Central Asia

Interview with Dr. Robert M. Cutler, Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of European, Russian & Eurasian Studies at Carleton University Interview The strategic importance of Central Asia and its vast energy resources draw a lot of external interest to it. Russia traditionally has been the strongest outside player in in the region. But now China’s active involvement in energy sector of Central Asia is quickly increasing its influence and challenging Russia’s position in the region...


Russia-West Relations – Setting the Temperature

Interview with professor Richard Sakwa Interview Over the last decade relations between Russia and the West have intermittingly fluctuated from periods of warm fronts to cold drafts. Prof. Richard Sakwa – University of Kent – offers his insight on the current temperature settings with USA, UK and the European Union. In this interview we discuss leading political figures, political parties, ideological undertones and existing challenges, all whilst drawing on recent and upcoming events...


Current Trends in China's Nuclear Sector

The “Energy Vampire” of Global Economy China is becoming a world leader in the rapid construction of large-scale civilian nuclear facilities, which has effects for both domestic developments and the global market for energy-related technologies. The “Energy Vampire” of Global Economy China is without a doubt the world’s fastest growing actor in the peaceful atomic energy sector, and for good reason. First, Chinese energy needs are skyrocketing. During the first nine months of...


Russia-EU Energy Ties: Problems and Possibilities

The key problems in the relationship between Russia and European Union are the lack of a clear-cut goal, a weak legal foundation and excessive politicization. The situation is not beyond recovery, but improvements will take time and cannot be achieved through top-down efforts. Energy serves as a litmus test for Russia-EU links in general, as it exposes their weaknesses and indicates ways to repair them. Some Basic Points According to statistics , the European Union imports 36 percent of its natural...


Energy Revolution. XXI century. Reset

Energy in 100 years time Energy in the twentieth century has become one of the main objects of prediction. The problems of long-term energy development are extremely relevant to human development. It is already important to determine future changes in the world energy structure and begin preparing for the fact that traditional sources of energy will lose their leading role. What will replace them? What will the main parameters for the development of world energy be in 100 years time? From fortune-telling...


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