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Indifference Threatens Russia–France Relations

... people both in France and Russia fail to realize this. France has been the biggest investor in Russia for the past three years, with over a thousand French enterprises operating in the country. France is also the number one foreign employer in Russia. Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin have paid attention to those trends and have discussed them publicly over recent months. Special mention should also be made of the politically “sensitive” aerospace industry; cooperation in this area started at ...


Haftar’s and Macron’s Shared PR

... were held between Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord of Libya (GNA) Fayez al-Sarraj and Head of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar in La Celle-Saint-Cloud, France, under the aegis of the President of France Emmanuel Macron. The two iconic figures of modern Libyan politics both appeared at the joint press conference that was held following the meeting and even shook hands , although they were reserved and kept apart from each other. It was the French President,...


Here's a Breakdown of Russia's Foreign Policy Goals

... French presidential elections of its favorite candidate, Francois Fillon. Donald Trump’s tougher approach to Russia, the consensus within the German political establishment that the West should continue to pressure Russia, and pro-EU, pro-Atlanticist Emmanuel Macron’s victory in France have minimized the chances that either the United States or Europe might ease its attitudes toward Moscow in the next four to five years. The Kremlin has no intention of stepping back or reconciling itself with the ...


The Western Guide to Understanding the Russian Soul

... associated to a persistent search for freedom. Kasonta: Will the outcome of the recent Presidential Elections in France have any impact on French-Russian relations? If yes, what are the possible scenarios? Monsieur de Fermor: Recently elected president Emmanuel Macron is a surprising man. His story is the story of an undeniable success. Honestly, my own vote went for Mr François Fillon, who in my opinion was carrying a good program, both on the economic standpoint and his political perception of today’s ...


…Another Hologram?

Mr Macron has won the support of the wealthier and better educated, but has let down the youth and poor It is likely Monsieur Emmanuel Macron will win the second round of France’s presidential elections on 7 May. During the election campaign, when asked about rumours of an affair with a (male) journalist, Mr Macron replied that maybe the one having the affair was his hologram....


Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen: Two Policy Lines for the Fifth Republic

... during the second round, as the winner will get all levers of power, in both foreign and internal policy lines. AFP Mailys Pinto: 2017 French Presidential Elections: a decisive choice for the improvement of Russian-French relations An Example of Success Emmanuel Macron — the founder of the En Marche! («Forward!») movement, is the rising star of French politics. He became famous countrywide in 2015 as the author of the Macron Law, aiming to boost economic growth and change the situation in the labour ...


2017 French Presidential Elections: a decisive choice for the improvement of Russian-French relations

... of Marine Le Pen and François Fillon — two candidates considered loyal to Russia and advocating a relief or lifting of EU sanctions against Russia. According to the last poll published on April 17th 2017, French voters might have to chose between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen at the second round. Considering the sanctions that have been renewed until July 31st 2017, the fact that François Hollande has refused to meet with the Russian president Vladimir Putin, which can nearly be considered ...


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