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El Comercio names the senior Peruvian politicians involved in big Odebrecht scandal

....  Much of the information that has caused the current uproar has been developed by the investigative journalism asset IDL-Reporteros. Draw your own conclusions;)UPDATE April 2018 Generally reliable sources including Business Insider report that Ecuador president Lenin Moreno has abruptly left the "Summit of the Americas" being held in Lima, Peru and retrurned to Quito on learning of the assassination of two kidnapped Ecuadorian journalists in Colombia. The reports indicate that the ...


Protests in Ecuador: a New Challenge for Rafael Correa

Mass protests which began on August 13, 2015 against the policies of President Rafael Correa swept across different regions of Ecuador. Those who disagree with the current government took to the streets of the country’s cities and towns enraged with the government’s attempts to change the Constitution. The enactment of amendments would grant the incumbent leader the authority ...


Battle for the Andes

.... As of the present time, Humala has revived the project to modernize the country’s tank fleet. The Ministry of Economy and Finance of Peru has allocated $820 million for the purpose, which should be enough to purchase around 100 new tanks. Ecuador and Bolivia: The Chinese Offensive with Mixed Results / Marcelo Garay Hongdu K-8, Bolivian Air Force Considering the political leanings of the Bolivia and Ecuadorian leaders, ...


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