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Climate Resilience in the Arctic: Mitigation and Adaptation under the International Climate Change Regime

As Arctic permafrost rapidly is responding to climate change, Arctic states should do the same “Human civilisation has never known a time when there has not been sea ice in the Arctic in the summer. We appear to be approaching that time.” Waleed Abdalati, former NASA Chief Scientist This spring, locals of the Russian Arctic coastal area witnessed a major break-up of ice that took place half a month earlier than usual. Vast masses of ice floated down the Yenisey river to-wards the Kara Sea. The...


Patterns of Environmental Negligence: An Opportunity to Rethink Global Governance

Instead of anticipating threats to the environment, we leave things for later until it is already too late On top of the major shifts that are happening as a result of the pandemic and global movements against institutionalized racism, a new environmental threat reminds us that we need to remain extremely vigilant despite the current unstable socio-economic situation. As it has been largely covered by the media around the world, on May 29, 2020, an oil storage tank from Norilsk-Taimyr Energy's...


Will the Current Pandemic Compromise Global Efforts Towards the Fight Against Climate Change?

From air and water quality to wildlife restoration, data proves that the imposed quarantine regime has initiated profound changes The current pandemic has dramatically changed the face of the world over the past couple of months. Not only are the countries’ economies being profoundly impacted, but more magnified political cleavages are taking place between great powers, as observed between the United States and China, for instance. The two countries are blaming each other in the context of the...


EU-Russian ecological cooperation needed despite and because of the Covid crisis

Authors: Ralf Ostner (Global Review), Frithjof Finkbeiner (Member Club of Rome, Desert Tech, Plant for the Planet)Many thought that due to the Covid crisis ecology and the ecological movement was dead and the idea of an EU-Russian ecological cooperation. Greta is back and still alive despite Covid. However Fridays for Future and the ecological movement is much more than Greta. The Youth had a symbolic poster ...


Insidious Air Pollution. Legal Regimes for Arctic Climate Change

Why does climate change in the Arctic matter? The outbreak of COVID-19, despite its horrific consequences on humanity, resulted in an unexpectedly positive effect on the global environment. Due to China’s factories shut down, port restrictions , international air traffic put on hold, the air quality and state of the environment have significantly improved. Sooner or later, when the pandemic is defeated, we will be back on track, which again means excessive pollution, poor air quality, and rising...


Short notice: Green Russia and the Green EU-chance for an ecological cooperation?

I read the State of the Union address of Putin. praised him that he is member of the Paris agreement, different to Trump or Bolsanaro and even Karaganov is discovering a green Russia, ecology and Siberia and the dachas. Therefore the idea is not dead. But there should be a clear signal from Russia. And as the EU has decided to become a Green Europe in 2050 and the Greens will be the decisive power in the next German goverment this ...


Tipping Points in Australia’s Climate Change debates. Where to Now?

The Australian bushfires might prove to be a turning point towards a more enlightened, informed plan to protect and nurture our environment A record-breaking high summer came early to Australia in 2019. By October, the daily weather map of the country was charting the rapid spread of catastrophic bushfires in disparate regions across the entire island continent. This meant recurrent, intense weather events that combined 40°C temperatures, ferocious winds and dry lightning storms, in which sparse...


The Fires of 2019–2020

The fires of climate change are upon us. Our beautiful bush will never be the same again. Don’t say we were not warned Suddenly, sickeningly, the consequences of climate change have hit gentle, populated South-Eastern Australia. All up and down the usually well-watered Great Dividing Range, from Western Victoria around to the Queensland tablelands behind Brisbane, the Australian bush is on fire. An area now the size of Portugal, or Czech Republic, or Austria, has burnt out in fierce fast moving...


How Dare You! The UN and the Climate Agenda

It is too early to say that a climate-conscious attitude has started to take hold The International Climate Change Regime Today’s global climate agenda is supported by various international institutions, and its implementation involves a broad range of measures. We are talking about a complex international regime aimed at preventing climate change. The roles and functions of its elements are inconsistent and have changed over time due to a large number of factors. The United Nations plays a special...


Arctic Maritime Security: A View from Russia and Britain

On October 14, 2019, in Arkhangelsk, Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU) hosted a seminar on “Maritime Security in the Arctic: A View from Russia and Britain” as part of a joint project of Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the Royal United Services Institute, RUSI “Russian-British Security Dialogue” On October 14, 2019, in Arkhangelsk, Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU) hosted a seminar on “Maritime Security in the Arctic: A View from Russia and Britain” as part...


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